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Library of Antonin Svehla

SUBJECT: rosa (genero); populus; biomass; rompeviento; renewable resources

A review of research concerning the non-fumigant nematicide fenamiphos was conducted by examining the abstracts of papers published on this subject by CAB International in Nematological Abstracts. A considerable number of works (506) investigated the technical characteristics of the molecule of this organophosphate nematicide (mechanism of action, metabolism and degradation, persistence, resid ...

SUBJECT: specie; toxicity; pesticide resistance; nématocide; ricerca

POSTED TO: Nematologia Mediterranea (Italy) [0391-9749]

SUBJECT: tierras agricolas; barrage; sistemas de cultivo; portugal; rendimento de cultura

POSTED TO: Revista de Ciencias Agrarias (Portugal) [0871-018X]

Enquiries about poor control of Lolium spp. by clodinafop and tralkoxydim were monitored for six years. The 112 seed samples collected from durum wheat fields in 69 farms in Central and Southern Italy were tested in a greenhouse with three ACCase inhibitors and one sulfonylurea. 60% of the populations proved to be resistant to one or more ACCase inhibitor herbicides and 50% of these showed cro ...

SUBJECT: pesticide resistance; sperimentazione in campo; erbicidi a base di solfonilurea; meccanismo d'azione; pendimethalin

POSTED TO: Atti delle Giornate Fitopatologiche (Italy)

Pesticides registration is made easier in Switzerland because pubblic research institutions have authority in this field. Problems involved in the registration process of a pesticide require work integration beyond agronomists, biologists, chemists, toxicologists and physicists. For example, in studying the degradative behaviour of a pesticide in soil, various factors as active ingredient conc ...

SUBJECT: reglementation; organisation de la recherche; suisse; plaguicidas; suiza

POSTED TO: Difesa delle Piante (Italy) [0391-4119]

SUBJECT: colture da frutto; plant introduction; musa (banani); etablissement de la plante; avocat

POSTED TO: Rivista di Frutticoltura e di Ortofloricoltura (Italy) [0016-2310]

SUBJECT: crop management; cultivos; diserbo; weed control; gestione delle colture

POSTED TO: Informatore Agrario (Italy) [0020-0689]

[Scheduling of water supply [crops]]

Caliandro, A. et al. [oct-dec2001]

SUBJECT: riego; programma di irrigazione; feuille; potentiel hydrique; irrigazione

POSTED TO: Irrigazione e Drenaggio (Italy) [0394-9338]

SUBJECT: metabolisme; oligoelementos; colture in vitro; plante de culture; photosynthesis

POSTED TO: Rivista di Agronomia (Italy) [0035-6034]

In order to utilize animal waste in an ecological way, avoiding water pollution and bringing, at the same time, natural fertilizers to crops, spreading plans have to be set up. They have to take into account: crop requirements, soil and slurry characteristics. For this reason a method for the spreading plans definition has been developed and a specific software has been built up. The aim of th ...

SUBJECT: protection de l'environnement; engrais organique; cultivos; aplicacion de abonos; proteccion ambiental

POSTED TO: Quaderni della Rivista di Ingegneria Agraria (Italy)