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SUBJECT: arboles; utilizacion de la tierra; pastizales; arbre; vegetation

SUBJECT: timber trees; grain legumes; arbuste d'ornement; feed crops; arboles ornamentales

SUBJECT: arroz; demanda; mijos; plante oleagineuse; monocotiledoneas

Triticale (TC) studies were tried in 1991-2008 over the central zone of the Krasnodar Territory. Selection nurseries were formed using common methods for self-fertile plants. The breeding process included a donor search over the world collection of TC genofond (specimens from Russia, Mexico, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic and Belarus) and wild specimens using of intraspecific (IH) and remout ...

SUBJECT: caracteristicas agronomicas; caractere agronomique; methode statistique; cultivos de primavera; genetic resources

The article deals with results of the influence of the long-term systematic use of a soil-protection technologies to grow agricultural crops on agroecological properties of a sod-podzol soil according to the level of production function and dynamics of phosphate-potassium state thereof. Productive reaction of the agricultural crops is studied under the conditions of growing them at long-term u ...

SUBJECT: rendement des cultures; ecología; conservation tillage; application rates; fertilizer application

A pot experiment was conducted in the greenhouse during the dry and rainy seasons to determine and compare the response of rice (IR 36), corn (DMR-2), and soybean (Clark 63) to soil water stress. Water was withheld 19, 12, and 15 days after planting (DAP) for rice, corn, and soybean, respectively. These are the ages of the crops when their total leaf area per plant were identical. Water stress ...

SUBJECT: legumineuse; legumineuse fourragere; leguminosae; oryza; absorcion de substancias nutritivas

El análisis geoestadístico, específicamente la técnica de semivariogramas fue usado como soporte en las decisiones de manejo para las poblaciones de Frankliniella occidentalis Pergande, Frankliniellla panamensis Hood y Thrips tabaci Lindeman en un cultivo de Musa acuminata Colla clon Bananito, localizado en el municipio de Melgar a 1200 msnm y con una temperatura de 20°C. Las poblaciones de tr ...

SUBJECT: muestreo; pests; musa; sampling; cultivos

SUBJECT: essai de variete; rendement des cultures; methode statistique; plante de culture associee; cultivos de grano