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In Australia, the repeated emergence of amitraz resistant ticks poses a problem for the farmer, both in terms of delaying that resistance, if posible, and in finding alternative, acceptable means of tick control. The results presented here show that resistance mechanism. The extent to which such ticks persists in the field in the absence of ongoing amitraz usage is an important question to whi ...

SUBJECT: acaricide; acaricides; resistance to acaricides; resistance aux acaricides; boophilus microplus


Written Paper

Turkish National AGRIS Center

In this study, susceptibility of two mite species against two novel lipid biosynthesis inhibitor tetronic acid derivates-acaricides and a common acaricide-insecticide abamectin were investigated. Three laboratory populations and a field-collected Tetranychus urticae and T. cinnabarinus were chosen as a material for this study.

SUBJECT: acaricide; acaricides; turquie; tetranychus cinnabarinus; resistance to acaricides

In order to assess of tick resistance against domestic commercial acaricidal compounds ,a standard technique is the main requirement of a resistance test.It should be capable for application to any commercial formulated pesticide , the next requirement is simpilicity and high susceptibility of test and also the low cost of the test has been interested. In this study , the lack of FAO`s inpregn ...

SUBJECT: pesticide resistance; acaricides; biological properties; pesticidal properties; resistencia a los plaguicidas

POSTED TO: Pajouhesh And Sazandegi [1019-9632]

SUBJECT: pyrethrine de synthese; chlordimeforme; benzene hexachloride; fenvalerate; formamidine insecticides

POSTED TO: Insect Biochemistry (United Kingdom)

Study of the effects of amitraz in horses

Queiroz-Neto, A. et al. [1997]

SUBJECT: neuroleptique; acaricides; terapeutica medicamentosa; neurolepticos; inyeccion

POSTED TO: Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: gale/ sarcoptes scabiei; acaricides; enfermedades parasitarias; medicinal plants; pestoban

POSTED TO: Tropical Animal Health and Production (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: acaricides; formamidine insecticides; toxicologia; symptome; insecticide

POSTED TO: Human and Experimental Toxicology (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: acaricides; stylosanthes humilis; pastizales; legumes; cenchrus ciliaris

POSTED TO: Experimental and Applied Acarology (United Kingdom)

Tetranychus cinnabarinus (Boisduval) and T. urticae Koch are important pests of cut ornamental flowers (Carnation, Rose, Gladiolus) in the world. Glasshouse conditions keep mite pests active through out the year with noticeable symptom of injuries on ornamental plant parts. An evaluation on control effects of different acaricides doses mixed with Citowett® oil investigated on active stages of ...

SUBJECT: acaricide; acarina; greenhouses; invernaderos; acaricides

SUBJECT: breeds (animals); acaricides; zebu; race (animal); boophilus

POSTED TO: Tropical Animal Health and Production (United Kingdom)