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The goose is ideally suited to sustainable animal production practice because: it can consume and digest large amount of high fiber feed stuffs, its behavioural patterns make it easy to manage, it has rapid growth rate, its feathers, fatty liver, valuable additional products and finally good weeder. Since there was not any study report in Iran regarding the phenotypic characteristics and produ ...

SUBJECT: phenotype; caracteristicas agronomicas; economic distribution; nutritional status; geese

Journal Article

Journal article

SUBJECT: cruzamiento; race; dindon; egg characters; razas

[Races of common beans]. [Spanish]

Singh S.P. et al. [1989]

Existe una amplia variacion genetica en el frijol comun (Phaseolus vulgaris L.), pero esta probablemente no se distribuye aleatoriamente. Con base en las caracteristicas ancestrales y adaptativas y el habitat ecologico, se han identificado tentativamente seis razas en germoplasma de frijol comun cultivado. Tres de estas son de origen Mesoamericano (razas D, J, y M) y las otras tres de origen A ...

SUBJECT: plante sauvage; caracteristicas agronomicas; race introduite; caractere agronomique; adaptation

POSTED TO: Documento de trabajo (CIAT). no. 47.

In order to registre 10 native apple cultivars and promising genotypes including 8 commercial cultivated cutivars: Mashade- Nouri, Sheikh Ahmad, Golab-e Kohanz, Golab-e Isfahan, Nayan-e Aranghe, Soltani Shabestar, Mashad, Heidar zadeh and 2 new under releasing genotypes (Koli-e Mahallat (ESCRT) and Komputi (EUPRT) were studied in Karaj climatic conditions. Morphological, pomological and phenol ...

SUBJECT: caracteristicas agronomicas; department of horticulture, pome fruit unit; fenologia; seed and plant certification and registration institute; variedades indigenas

Gene effects in Indian mustard.

Singh H.P. et al. [1989]

SUBJECT: caracteristicas agronomicas; brassica juncea; cruzamiento; ramas; floraison

POSTED TO: Genetica Iberica [0016-6693]

Journal Article

Journal article

SUBJECT: caracteristicas agronomicas; caracteres adquiridos; acquired characters; caractere agronomique; agronomic characters

POSTED TO: Byulleten' Glavnogo botanicheskogo sada [0366-502X]

DEUTSCH: Neu in das Sortenregister des Bundessortenamtes eingetragene Erbsensorten werden vorgestellt.

SUBJECT: caracteristicas agronomicas; pisum sativum; caracteres adquiridos; varieties; acquired characters

POSTED TO: Industrielle Obst und Gemueseverwertung [0367-939X]

Phenotypic variation present in a population arises due to genotypic and environmental effects, and the magnitude of phenotypic variability differs under different environmental conditions, therefore, the purpose of this study was to objectively describe the linear type traits of extensively managed mature indigenous goats of Southern Nigeria and to predict body weight from their orthogonal shape

SUBJECT: caracteristicas agronomicas; breeds (animals); animal breeding; caractere agronomique; race (animal)

POSTED TO: Acta agriculturae Slovenica (Slovenia) [1580-4003]


Improvement of sesame by induced mutation in Thailand

Saisunee Rungsipiyakul et al. [1990]

SUBJECT: caracteristicas agronomicas; caractere agronomique; plant breeding; tailandia/ mutantes; thailande/ mutant

SUBJECT: caracteristicas agronomicas; spain; vitis vinifera; caractere agronomique; variete

POSTED TO: Investigacion Agraria. Produccion y Proteccion Vegetales (Spain) [0213-5000]