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SUBJECT: spain; pseudomonas; bacteria; acinetobacter; mineral water

POSTED TO: Journal of Applied Bacteriology (United Kingdom)

Pistachio is one of the most important agricultural crop in Iran. Pistachio growing areas have increased in recent year in Iran. Pistachio nuts on trees were colonized by some microorganisms. Such as bacteria, yeast and some of fungi. One of them is Aspergillus flavus that causes qualitative decrease of pistachio nuts by growth on them and induced hazardous diseases in human and animal by prod ...

SUBJECT: biological control agents; pseudomonas; bacteria; aspergillus flavus; frutos secos

SUBJECT: bacteria; calamar; bacteria gram positiva; flora; flore

POSTED TO: Journal of the Tokyo University of Fisheries (Japan) [0040-9014]

SUBJECT: pseudomonas; adaverine; histamine; bacteria; production

POSTED TO: Letters in Applied Microbiology (United Kingdom)

Stamme von P. mirabilis, E. coli, S. faecium, L. plantarum und St. aureus wurden in sterilem Geflugelfleisch bzw. in Bouillon bis zu einem Jahr tiefgefroren gelagert. Zur quantitativen Charakterisierung des zahlenmassigen Abfalls der Keime wurden Regressionsgeraden ermittelt. Alle Stamme waren am Ende der Lagerphase noch nachweisbar. Die Gram-positiven Stamme waren resistenter gegenuber den an ...

SUBJECT: bacteria; viande de volaille; bacteria gram positiva; gram negative bacteria; carne de aves

POSTED TO: Archiv fuer Lebensmittelhygiene (Germany) [0003-925X]

Life in grasses: diazotrophic endophytes

Reinhold-Hurek, B. et al. [1998]

SUBJECT: arroz; racine; oryza sativa; bacteria; gram negative bacteria

POSTED TO: Trends in Microbiology (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: experimentation en laboratoire; bacteria; traitement aux microondes; bacteria gram positiva; cell counting

POSTED TO: Archiv fuer Lebensmittelhygiene (Germany) [0003-925X]

SUBJECT: flore microbienne; plaguicidas; flooded land; hongos; bacteria

POSTED TO: Korean Journal of Environmental Agriculture (Korea Republic)

SUBJECT: polarite/ bacterie gram negatif; crecimiento; bacteria; resistance aux produits chimiques; bacteria gram positiva

POSTED TO: Journal of Fermentation and Bioengineering (Japan) [0922-338X]

SUBJECT: thermoduric bacteria; raw milk; spain; mesophilic bacteria; bacteria

POSTED TO: International Dairy Journal (United Kingdom)