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Written Paper

Thai National AGRIS Centre

SUBJECT: organophosphorus compounds; mangosteen; lc-ms/ms; quechers; mangosteen

POSTED TO: Thai Journal of Agricultural Science (Thailand) [0049-3589]


In this study adsorption and desorption of three carbamate pesticides namely, oxamyl (I); S-Ethyl-N-(methyl carbamoyl) oxythioacetimidate (II); and N-Phenyl (ethyl carbamoyl) propy1carbamate (III) by Na+-, Ca2+¬montmorillonite, and humic acid-montomorillonite, was investigated. The adsorption of pesticides was in the order III I II; adsorption for Na-montmorillonite was more than that for Ca-s ...

SUBJECT: carbamatos; plaguicidas; adsorption; acido humico; pesticide

POSTED TO: Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science (India) [0019-638X]



Matica Srpska Library

Dithiocarbamates (DTC) are among the most commonly used pesticides in the world. In the Republic of Serbia almost 300 active substances are registered including five dithiocarbamate fungicides (ziram, mancozeb, metiram, propineb and tiram). In the raspberry protection from fungal diseases only mancozeb combined with metalaxyl-M (Ridomil Gold MZ 68-WG; mankozeb 640 g/kg + metalaxyl-M 40 g/kg) o ...

SUBJECT: carbamatos; residuos; rasidu; residues; framboise

Establishment of aptamer screening technique for carbamate pesticide

Wang Yun, Nanjing Agricultural University [jun.2011]

To obtain the aptamers with high affinity and specificity for carbamate pesticide,a synthesized 91nt single stranded DNA(ssDNA)random library containing 30 random sequences flanked by invariant primer was subjected to 9 rounds of selection against carbamate pesticide according to SELEX protocol.With the structure changing of nucleic acids from DNA-DNA duplex to a DNA-target complex,the specifi ...

SUBJECT: carbamatos; ensayo; plaguicidas; pesticides; pesticide

POSTED TO: Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University [1000-2030]

Investigations were done to observe the effect of a carbamate insecticide, carbosulfan on the foraging activity of Apis mellifera L. The experiment consisted of two sets. In the first set the bees were allowed to come in direct contact of insecticide treated surface while in the second set a wire net was kept over the treated surface so that only odour repelled the bees. Carbosulfan was found ...

SUBJECT: carbamatos; foraging; insecticide; carbamates; busqueda de alimento

POSTED TO: Pantnagar Journal of Research (India) [0972-8813]

SUBJECT: carbamatos; suisse; aguardientes; prunus; suiza

POSTED TO: Schweizerische Zeitschrift fuer Obst und Weinbau, einschliesslich Verwertung

SUBJECT: carbamatos; repulsif; plaguicidas; sorghum; oiseau nuisible

POSTED TO: Minia Journal of Agricultural Research and Development

A simple method for the methylation of selected pesticides with trimethylphenylammonium hydroxide is described. The reaction product was the N-methyl or methoxy derivative of the examined substance. Derivatization by on-column methylation has recently been developed for the analysis of selected phenylurea and uracil herbicides, carbamate insecticides, and benzimidazole fungicides. The same met ...

SUBJECT: carbamatos; cromatografia; plaguicidas; pesticide; poland

POSTED TO: Prace Naukowe Instytutu Ochrony Roslin [0554-8004]

The objectives of the work described here were to develop a one-pack insecticide combination that was particularly suited to the rice pest complex while presenting minimal hazard to man and the environment. The mixture contains a low concentration of a new pyrethroid, alphacypermethrin (FASTAC) and a low to moderate dose rate of the carbamate, BPMC. Detailed field trials have been carried out ...

SUBJECT: carbamatos; oryza sativa; insectos chupadores; reino unido; united kingdom

Journal Article

Journal article

In controlling the causer of leaf spot, Pseudomonas tomato by the application of chemical preparations, greater efficiency was achieved by preventive than curative application. With preventive application all preparations on the basis of copper and their combinations could be used. From the group of dithiocarbamates, Cineb, Mankoceb and the combination Cineb+Mankoceb could be used. With curati ...

SUBJECT: carbamatos; cuivre; tomate; pseudomonas; prevencion

POSTED TO: Pesticidi [0352-9029]