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Journal article


In many countries thermal springs are utilised for a variety of purposes, such as the generation of power, direct space heating, industrial processes, aquaculture and many more. The optimal use of a thermal spring is largely dependent upon its physical and chemical characteristics. This article focuses on the thermal and chemical features of 8 thermal springs located in the northern part of th ...

SUBJECT: spring water; thermal waters; chemical analysis; arsenic; field data

Objective of the study development of a novel composition feed additive of herbal origin appropriate for local conditions and evaluation of its impact on the productivity level and product quality of feeder pigs in a complex with organic acid additive. Targets of research study development of a novel composition feed additive from locally found herbs and evaluation of its impact on gastro-inte ...

SUBJECT: animal nutrition; drug plants; nutricion animal; composicion quimica; viande porcine

Journal Article

Journal article

Institute of Agricultural Economics

SUBJECT: blood composition; prix; weight gain; composición de la sangre; aditivos de piensos

POSTED TO: Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science (Bulgaria) [1310-0351]

The present study was carried out on the peat-bogs of the Polesie National Park (Poland). Samples of soils and hay were collected from each of the objects chosen - Lejno Meadows and Lomnica Meadows. The pH level and content of organic matter in the soils was determined, as was the content of P, Na, K, Ca, Mg, Fe. On the basis of chemical analysis it was found that the content of P, Ca, Mg and ...

SUBJECT: praderas; poland; composición aproximada; suelo; sol

POSTED TO: Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Sklodowska. Sectio E Agricultura (Poland) [0365-1118]

The AA review the relationships which exist between meats, fat and cholesterol contents, obesity, chronic cardiovascular diseases, oxidative phenomena and quality, in the light of present knowledge. The paper presents the role of meat, as related with average consumption, in the control of obesity and of plasma levels of cholesteroland lipoproteins. The attention is drawn to the oxidation of f ...

SUBJECT: sobrepeso; composicion quimica; colesterolo; composizione chimica; contenido de lipidos

POSTED TO: Annali della Facolta' di Medicina Veterinaria - Universita' di Parma (Italy)

SUBJECT: hepatopancreas; body composition; slender walking catfish; carcass composition; feed conversion rate

POSTED TO: Warasan Songkhla Nakharin (Chabap Witthayasat Lae Technology) [0125-3395]


SUBJECT: rhodophyceae; chemicophysical properties; amino acids; seaweeds; elements

POSTED TO: Warasan Songkhla Nakharin (Chabap Witthayasat Lae Technology) [0125-3395]


A 42-day experiment was carried out to evaluate the effect of feeding compound feed with different content of corn meal on productive and slaughter traits of Ross 308 hybrid broiler chickens. For this purpose, 120 one-day old male chickens reared in batteries, divided in 4 equal groups - one control and three experimental with 3 repetitions per group. All chickens received balanced isocaloric ...

SUBJECT: weight gain; composicion quimica; mais; gain de poids; carcass composition

POSTED TO: Journal of Animal Science (Bulgaria) [0514-7441]

The purpose of this study is to determine the impact on the bodys chemical composition and blood serum biochemical profile of one-summer–old carp - Cyprinus carpio L. due to feeding with combined pellet feeds, which include soybean isolate and pea flour as an alternative to fish meal. It was established that the level of the studied biochemical indicators of the body - moisture, proteins, fats ...

SUBJECT: proximate composition; blood composition; carpa; soja; suero sanguineo

POSTED TO: Journal of Mountain Agriculture on the Balkan (Bulgaria) [1311-0489]

SUBJECT: carnero; ensilado; plante transgenique; rumiante; composicion quimica

POSTED TO: VDLUFA-Schriftenreihe (Germany). (1999). (no. 52). [0173-8712]