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Open Knowledge Repository, OKR

The Government of Bangladesh has requested the World Bank to provide further assistance to the livestock and dairy sectors. During a mission of the Sector Manager of Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) of the South Asia region of the World Bank to Bangladesh in November 2008, the Secretary of the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries (MOFL) of the former Caretaker Government of Bangla ...

SUBJECT: dairy cooperative; dairy cows; milk products; agricultural extension; genetic material


SUBJECT: thermometer; data logger; temperature; vagina; rectal


We analyzed the effects of age at first calving months of holstein cows and the number of delivery on the profit of the dairy farm by using the data provided by National Agricultural Cooperatives Federation. The data includes the milk production history of individual 68,231 cows, which were born in years from 2000 to 2001 and gave births until year 2009. We found that first delivery at 23~25 m ...

SUBJECT: feeding costs of calves and cows; cows; vache; the profit of dairy farm; age at first calving months of holstein cows

POSTED TO: Korean Journal of Agricultural Management and Policy [1229-9154]

SUBJECT: crossbreds; dairy cattle; tropical climate; rhythmicity of body temperature; heat stress

POSTED TO: Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine (Thailand) [0125-6491]


Written Paper

Belarus Agricultural Library

Influence of the different level of milk productivity on the course of the post-natal period and impregnation capacity of cows was studied. Research results proved that milk productivity and the reproductive capacity of cows were interconnected and competitively preceded each other. Research results showed that the increase of cows productivity from 3000-4000 kg up to 6000-7000 kg of milk per ...

SUBJECT: aptitud al ordeno; milkability; animal laitier; reproducciуn; belarus

POSTED TO: Сельское хозяйство - проблемы и перспективы. Сельскохозяйственные науки (Belarus). Agriculture - Problems and Perspectives. Agricultural Sciences

This experiment was carried out in order to investigate the effect of feeding cow with different of dietary cation-anion balance(DCAB) in far-off and close-up period, on metabolic disorders and blood metabolites of Holstein cows in pregnancy and fresh periods. In this study 18 Holstein pregnant cows (220-225 d) were fed individually, a base diet with three different DCAB (+13(control), 0 and - ...

SUBJECT: parturient paresis; tomate; dietary balance; pregnancy and fresh cow; trouble du metabolisme

POSTED TO: In Animal and Fisheries Sciences [1019-9632]

SUBJECT: non-esterified fatty acid; evaporative cooling system; ovaries; purebred holstein friesian cows; progesterone

It was found that dairy cows feeding ration with daily milk yield - 10 kg and with standard fat and protein contents which includes the maximum amount of no grain feed having 2 kg of mixed fodder- concentrate can be considered as a basic while using national feed standards for full aged cows with live weight 500-700 kg

SUBJECT: feed concentrate; ration; dairy cows; dry cows; cows feeding

POSTED TO: Stock raising of Ukraine

The aim of this research was to study utilization of monosodium glutamate by-product (TxML) as an alternative protein source for lactating dairy cows diet on feed intake, rumen fermentation and economic value. Eight multiparous lactating Holstein cows were randomly assigned according to replicated 4*4 Repeated Latin Square Design. Cows were received experimental treatments using TxML to replac ...

SUBJECT: holstein friesian; dairy cows diet; profitability; monosodium glutamate (txml); breeds (animals)