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SUBJECT: inflorescence; luffa cylindrica; fisiologia; economic plants; vegetable crops

POSTED TO: Plant and Cell Physiology (Japan) [0032-0781]

SUBJECT: physiology; cucurbitaceae; graft compatibility; economic plants; vegetable crops

POSTED TO: Bulletin of Ibaraki-ken Horticultural Experiment Station (Japan) [0387-186X]


Written Paper

Library of Antonin Svehla

This work evaluated the impact of meteorological extremes' variability on the growing of vegetables in the Labe river basin (Polabi), one of the Czech Republic's traditional vegetable growing regions. We analysed data for the majority of market vegetable crops cultivated in Polabi and their relationships with dry, wet and heat episodes. A higher number of tropical days caused reduced yield for ...

SUBJECT: daucus carota; repollo; elbe; pepino; vegetable crops

POSTED TO: Scientia Agriculturae Bohemica (Czech Republic) [1211-3174]

SUBJECT: root vegetables; potatoes; cucurbitaceae; alliaceae; economic plants

POSTED TO: Bulletin of the Hyogo Prefectural Agricultural Center for Experiment, Extension and Education (Japan) [0385-8790]

The impact of ambient and filtered solar UV-B radiation and of selenium foliar treatment on the yield of naked seeds in pumpkins, Cucurbita pepo L. was determined. Seed yield was higher when solar UV-B radiation was filtered out. The results suggested that the reduced yield under solar UV-B radiation was related to the oxidative damage, as selenium foliar treatment increased the yield under am ...

SUBJECT: damage; radiation damage; rendement des cultures; degat; selenio

POSTED TO: Acta agriculturae Slovenica (Slovenia) [1580-4003]


SUBJECT: pasteque; poder patogeno; fast atom bombardment; cucurbita; potyviruses

POSTED TO: Journal of General Virology (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: legume de cucurbitacee; hortalizas cucurbitaceas; nutritive value; semilla; cucurbit fruits

POSTED TO: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture (United Kingdom)

During the years 1998-00 the field experiments on microirrigation of squash on the very light soil were carried out in Kruszyn Krajenski near Bydgoszcz (Poland). The objective of this study was to recognize the effects of microirrigation in cultivation of winter squash in a very light soil conditions. Both systems of irrigation used, significantly increased mean marketable yields of squash as ...

SUBJECT: efficacite; composante de rendement; sol sableux; rendement des cultures; field experimentation

POSTED TO: Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Hortorum Cultus (Poland) [1644-0692]


Colafranceschi, C. [1996]

SUBJECT: legume de cucurbitacee; pasteque; calabaza (cucurbita); melons; luffa aegyptica

The glycaemic responses of local Pakistani vegetables including Halwa-Kaddu (Cucurbita maxima), Ghiha-Kaddu (Lagenaria siceraria) and Tinda (Citrullus vulgaris unitelicize fistulosus), incorporated into the mixed meals and served with chapatti, as traditionally eaten in the country, were studied in 8 normal and 8 type 2 diabetic subjects. The subjects were given a 50 g carbohydrate portion of ...

SUBJECT: legume de cucurbitacee; citrullus lanatus; alimentacion humana; cucurbit vegetables; pakistan

POSTED TO: Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences (Pakistan) [0552-9034]