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SUBJECT: alimentation en eau; physical states; fungi; economic plants; vegetable crops

POSTED TO: Bulletin of the Hiroshima Prefectural Forest Experiment Station (Japan) [0388-7898]

SUBJECT: fungi; plant anatomy; feuille; economic plants; vegetable crops

POSTED TO: Bulletin of the Utsunomiya University Forests (Japan)

Journal Article

Journal article

European Union

SUBJECT: fungi; plant production; economic plants; vegetable crops; plante d'interet economique

POSTED TO: De Champignoncultuur (Netherlands)

SUBJECT: edible species; propiedades medicinales; plantas tintoreas; ethnobotanique; drug plants

POSTED TO: Botanical Journal of Scotland (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: new species; fungi; japan; economic plants; vegetable crops

POSTED TO: Transactions of the Mycological Society of Japan (Japan) [0029-0289]



Thai National AGRIS Centre

This research had purpose for comparison in morphological characteristics of Ra-ngok mushroom between edible type and non-edible type. The results were founded that, at young state, the edible type showed as smooth universal veil, hollow stalk, distantly lamellae, waxy striate cap, yellow-white at central cap. The non-edible mushroom showed as knot-like split skin on universal veil, tight stal ...

SUBJECT: morghology; mycotoxins; plant physiology; deathly angel; poisoning

P. eryngii and P. salmoneostramineus were cultivated on corncob meal media to investigate the effects of fungi, filling densities and cultivation periods on fruit-body yields and on digestibility and cell wall constituents of the media. The medium was prepared by mixing corncob meal and rice bran at air-dry weight at 9 : 1 ratio and added with Ca(OH)2 at 0.5% of the mixture's weight. An 850 m ...

SUBJECT: in vitro experimentation; edible fungi; cell walls; culture media; digestibility

POSTED TO: Animal Science Journal (Japan)

Journal Article

Journal article

Wageningen UR, Library

Nek- en schouderklachten zijn een belangrijke klacht bij het oogsten van champignons. Het verbeteren van de werkomstandigheden bij de oogst zal het ziekteverzuim doen afnemen

SUBJECT: ergonomie; condition de travail; ergonomics; champignon comestible; complaints

POSTED TO: Paddestoelen (nl)


Written Paper

Wageningen UR, Library

SUBJECT: edible fungi; pays-bas; champignon comestible; netherlands; países bajos

This study was conducted to investigate the biological activities of polysaccharide extracted from the fruit body and cultured mycelia of Phellinus linteus IY001. All fractions were extracted by hot water, in the next, Fr.1, Fr.2, Fr.3 and Fr.4 were polysaccharide obtained by ethanol precipitation or ultrafiltration. The highest antitumor activity against sarcoma 180 in ICR mice was observed i ...

SUBJECT: physilolgical functions; mycologie; edible fungi; micologia; polysaccharide