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Study on Azolla pinnatta in Thailand

Bunharn Tangcham et al. [1981]

SUBJECT: gaz; green manures; physical states; metalloide; economic plants



Thai National AGRIS Centre

Movement and loss of mineral N and labile C in a tropical forage legume-maize rotation in Zimbabwe

Whitbread Anthony, CSIRO SUStainable Ecosystems/APSRU et al. [2002]

SUBJECT: zimbabwe; nitrogen; legumes; forage; leaching



Thai National AGRIS Centre

Nitrogen mineralization from green manures and it use by maize in an oxisols from Havana, Cuba

Martin Gloria, M., Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Agricolas et al. [2002]

SUBJECT: efficiency; nitrogen; maize; nitrogen; oxisols



Thai National AGRIS Centre

Can non-legume crops be as successful as legumes when used as green manures

Van Antwerpen Rianto, South African Sugar Association Experiment Station et al. [2002]

SUBJECT: oats; sunn hemp; cover crops; green manures; sugarcane


Written Paper

SUBJECT: pollutants; plantas de condimento; grain legumes; toxicite du sol; feed crops

POSTED TO: Polnohospodarstvo (Czechoslovakia)

SUBJECT: grain legumes; processing; acidos grasos; etat physique; chenopodiaceae

POSTED TO: Plant and Cell Physiology (Japan) [0032-0781]

SUBJECT: biological control; repollo; plagas; grain legumes; methode de lutte anti-parasite

POSTED TO: Proceedings of the Association for Plant Protection of Kyushu (Japan) [0385-6410]

SUBJECT: soils; plantas de raices comestibles; developpement biologique; fisiologia; plantas de condimento

POSTED TO: Reports of Tokushima Agricultural Experiment Station (Japan) [0387-0065]

SUBJECT: legumineuse; plante oleagineuse; isolement; economic plants; grain legumes

POSTED TO: Agricultural and Biological Chemistry (Japan) [0002-1369]