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Written Paper

SUBJECT: plant establishment; caracteristicas del sitio/ plantas herbaceas ornamentales; site factors/ herbaceous ornamentals; etablissement de la plante; plante herbacee

POSTED TO: Acta Universitatis Agriculturae. Ser. B. Facultas Horticulturae. Brno (CSFR) [0862-2558]

This study was conducted in two stages. Bomarea seed germination was studied using seeds from the San Jorge páramo and the Bogotá Botanical Garden during the first stage. Scarification and in vitro embryo culture assays were conducted from the results obtained, suggesting that dormancy was due to undeveloped embryos. The efficacy of stratifying at different temperatures and effect of adding gi ...

SUBJECT: culture d'embryon; plantas herbaceas ornamentales; embriones vegetales; stratification; ácido salicílico

POSTED TO: Agronomía Colombiana [0120-9965]


Written Paper

Turkish National AGRIS Center

SUBJECT: urban agriculture; herbaceous ornamentals; turquie; plantas herbaceas ornamentales; zonas urbanas


Written Paper

Matica Srpska Library

The influence of slow disintegrating fertilizers' on quality on flower seedlings

Vujošević, A., Poljoprivredni fakultet et al. [2008]

The work has examined the influence of slow disintegrating fertilizer dosages of Scotts (Osmocote Exact) formulation 15:9:9:MgO + Me on quality of flower seedlings: French marigold, Scarlet sage, gazania, and impaties. The seedlings of flower are produced in polystyrene containers (speedling systems) and polypropylene pots (pot system). During the production of seedlings the fertilizer has bee ...

SUBJECT: substratos de cultivo; herbaceous ornamentals; tagetes; plantas herbaceas ornamentales; impatiens walleriana

POSTED TO: Proceedings of Research Papers [0354-1320]

SUBJECT: madera; habitats; habitat; epice; control de la erosion

POSTED TO: Forest Health and Biosecurity Working Papers (FAO)


This study was carried out during the two successive seasons of 2006-2007 in natural conditions at lath greenhouse of National Research Centre, to study the effects of different progesterone (prog.) concentrations (10, 20, and 30 ppm), gamma (y) rays doses (100,150 and 250 rad), helium neon laser (He-Ne)exposure time (1, 5.5 and 11.5 min) and argon laser rays (Ar) exposure time (1, 7.5 and 15. ...

SUBJECT: gamma radiation; pigmentos; herbaceous ornamentals; pigments; progesterona

POSTED TO: Zagazig Journal of Agricultural Research [1110-0338]

SUBJECT: pruebas; herbaceous ornamentals; plantas herbaceas ornamentales; pot culture; cultivo en contenedor

POSTED TO: Agricoltura Ricerca

SUBJECT: control de hongos; herbaceous ornamentals; fongicide; plantas herbaceas ornamentales; oidium genre

POSTED TO: Hodowla Roslin [0137-1509]

SUBJECT: floricultura; plantas herbaceas ornamentales; ornamental plants; floriculture; pot plants

POSTED TO: Puutarha Uutiset [0355-063X]

SUBJECT: crop management; suisse; herbaceous ornamentals; cut flower production; plantas herbaceas ornamentales

POSTED TO: Marche International des Fleurs et Feuillages [0182-1547]