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Experiments were performed, using eighteen 280 cm deep soil columns with 20 cm inside diameter, to determine the relative amounts of nitrogenous compounds leached and volatilized from soils receiving high application rates of cheese whey during two seasons. Three soils (loamy sand, sandy loam and sandy clay loam) and two cheese whey application rates (560 and 840 kg-N ha<sup>1</sup>), that pro ...

SUBJECT: soil depth; ammonia nitrogen; keyword><keyword>cheese whey; ammonium nitrogen; organic nitrogen

Nitrogen in atmospheric precipitation. The current state of knowledge

Sapek, A.,Instytut Technologiczno-Przyrodniczy [2011]

An outlook dominated for a long time that quota of nitrogen in atmospheric deposition was comprised in wet deposition of rain or snow, though the results of recently made studies suggest that the input of nitrogen with the dry deposition is about the same as with wet deposition. The official monitoring in most countries is assessed the input of nitrogen in wet deposition, but this input with d ...

SUBJECT: nitrogen fertilizers; eutrophisation; ecosistema; aplicacion de abonos; nitrogen cycle

SUBJECT: nitrogen fertilizers; soil; soil organic matter; nitrates; losses

SUBJECT: biological n2 fixation; nitrogen fertilizers; elaeis guineensis; diazotrophs; oil palm seedlings

POSTED TO: Thai Journal of Agricultural Science (Thailand) [0049-3589]




We present a new nitrogen isotope model incorporated into the three-dimensional ocean component of a global Earth System Climate Model designed for millennial timescale simulations. The model includes prognostic tracers for the stable nitrogen isotopes, ¹⁴N and ¹⁵N, in the nitrate (NO₃ˉ), phytoplankton, zooplankton, and detritus variables of the marine ecosystem model. The isotope effects of a ...

SUBJECT: nitrogen cycle -- mathematical models; ocean; nitrogen; denitrification; seawater -- nitrogen content -- mathematical models

SUBJECT: praderas; metabolismo del nitrogeno; factores ambientales; nitrogen metabolism; nitrogen balance

POSTED TO: Grass and Forage Science (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: shading; forest trees; nitrogen fertilizers; winter hardiness; betula tortuosa

POSTED TO: Journal of Ecology, Oxford (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: atmosphere; nitrogen metabolism; ammonia; oxidos de nitrogeno; nitrogen cycle

POSTED TO: New Phytologist (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: triticum aestivum; oryza sativa; tecnicas de trazadores; nitrogen metabolism; rendement des cultures

SUBJECT: nif a regulation; metabolismo del nitrogeno; nitrogen metabolism; two-component regulatory system; azorhizobium caulinodans ors571

POSTED TO: Molecular and General Genetics (Germany) [0026-8925]