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The World Bank

The World Bank monthly operational summary reports on the status of projects in the World Bank's pipeline from the time the operation is identified to the signing of the loan, credit, or grant agreement. It is a detailed accounting of the projects included in the country lending programs that is actively being prepared for implementation. The lending programs reflect the Bank's strategy ...

SUBJECT: standards; oas; nature conservation; biodiversity; data


In order to evaluate and select the proper male palms for "Mazafati" date pollination, an experiment has been conduced by using a randomized complete block design with 8 treatments (from 32 already planted male palms), each treatment consisted of a selected pollinizer palm with 6 replications, totally on 48 palms from 2002 to 2006 for 5 years in Bam's agricultural research station. All horticu ...

SUBJECT: oasis; materiel d'entretien des cultures; date shells; oases; metelectrona herwigi

SUBJECT: cooperacion; oas; organisation internationale; cidi; organizaciones internacionales



Written Paper


2′,5′-oligoadenylate synthetases (OAS) as a component of mammalian interferon-induced antiviral enzymatic system catalyze the oligomerization of cellular ATP into 2′,5′-linked oligoadenylates (2-5A). Though vertebrate OASs have been characterized as 2′-nucleotidyl transferases under in vitro conditions, the natural occurrence of 2′,5′-oligonucleotides other than 2-5A has never been demonstrate ...

SUBJECT: 2′; oas; natural products; marine sponge; 5′-oligoadenylate synthetase

SUBJECT: oas; tendance economique; economic development; depression economique; oea

POSTED TO: Internationales Zuckerwirtschaftliches Jahr- und Adressbuch = International sugar economic yearbook and directory (Germany)

SUBJECT: market stabilization; exportation; exports; exportaciones; cmea

POSTED TO: F. O. Licht's international sugar report = F. O. Lichts europaeisches Zuckerjournal (Germany)

SUBJECT: world markets; market stabilization; usa; precios de mercado; foods

POSTED TO: Internationales Zuckerwirtschaftliches Jahr- und Adressbuch = International sugar economic yearbook and directory (Germany)

This study was conducted to solve the problem of public grievance owing to odor of a pig farm. Odor emissions from pig production systems mainly originate from liquid manure storage and solid manure fermentation. The low-cost odor abatement system (OAS) for application at liquid manure storage tank and solid manure fermentation facilities was developed in this study. The OAS adapted odor remov ...

SUBJECT: public grievance; ammonia emission; ammoniac; odor abatement system (oas); ammonia

POSTED TO: Journal of Livestock Housing and Environment [1226-0274]

Illus., maps, tables. Bibliography p. 143-146 (60 ref.). Summaries (En)

SUBJECT: oas; organizaciones internacionales; undp; pnud; oea