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SUBJECT: root vegetables; potatoes; cucurbitaceae; alliaceae; economic plants

POSTED TO: Bulletin of the Hyogo Prefectural Agricultural Center for Experiment, Extension and Education (Japan) [0385-8790]

Horticultura herbácea especial

Maroto Borrego, J.V. [1995]

SUBJECT: achicoria; control de enfermedades; pepino; vegetable legumes; borago officinalis

SUBJECT: propiedades fisico-quimicas; plantas de raices comestibles; daucus carota; economic plants; processing

POSTED TO: Stensiltrykk - Norges Landbrukshoegskole. Institutt for Groennsakdyrking (Norway)

SUBJECT: diptera; daucus carota; plagas; alliaceae; europa

POSTED TO: Vaextskyddsnotiser (Sweden) [0042-2169]


Written Paper

SUBJECT: czechoslovakia; stem vegetables; rheum; root vegetables; armoracia rusticana

POSTED TO: Ochrana Rostlin - UVTIZ (Czechoslovakia) [0036-5394]


Written Paper

Library of Antonin Svehla

This work evaluated the impact of meteorological extremes' variability on the growing of vegetables in the Labe river basin (Polabi), one of the Czech Republic's traditional vegetable growing regions. We analysed data for the majority of market vegetable crops cultivated in Polabi and their relationships with dry, wet and heat episodes. A higher number of tropical days caused reduced yield for ...

SUBJECT: daucus carota; repollo; elbe; pepino; vegetable crops

POSTED TO: Scientia Agriculturae Bohemica (Czech Republic) [1211-3174]

This book on new vegetable species is a synthesis of literature studies, research and experiments iniated by the CTIFL in the seventies, in order to meet the increasing demand for vegetables other than those traditionally grown in France and in Europe. In the present case, "new species" doesn't mean newly created plants, but unknown or little known to the market, or no longer in use. Contents: ...

SUBJECT: caracteristicas agronomicas; necesidades de las plantas; caractere agronomique; legume racine; legume fruit

Journal Article

Journal article

Thai National AGRIS Centre

It was found that the elasticities of expenditure with respect to income for leafy vegetables were estimated at 0.53 for consumers in the urban districts and 0.42 for consumers in the sub-urban districts. Furthermore, the elasticities of expenditure with respect to income for fruity vegetables were 0.16 for consumers in the urban and 0.56 for the suburbs. Finally, the elasticity of expenditure ...

SUBJECT: expenditure; prix; tailandia; consumer behaviour; fonction de consommation

SUBJECT: storage organs; root vegetables; plant anatomy; economic plants; vegetable crops

POSTED TO: Kyushu Agricultural Research (Japan) [0451-1581]

Market gardening

Kroll, R. [1997]

SUBJECT: oignon; legumes; zone subtropicale; control de plagas; vegetable growing