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This study was carried out to establish the informations on the optimum container for production of Larix leptolepsis container seedlings. Height growth of 1-year-old container seedling was highest in 250 mL of container (19.3 cm), and of 2-year-old seedling was in 500 mL (56.9 cm). On the other hand, the highest growth of root-collar diameter was observed in the both 1-year-old and 2-year-old ...

SUBJECT: seedling density; container volume; larix leptolepsis; root morphological trai; plantule

POSTED TO: Journal of Korean Forestry Society [0445-4650]

Phytotoxicity to rice seedlings due to organic materials under flooded conditions

Rao Rajashekar, Department of Soil Science and Agri. Chemistry et al. [2002]

SUBJECT: rice seedlings; phytotoxicity; organic materials; yields; flooded conditions

SUBJECT: shading; grammatophyllum speciosum; orchidaceae; growth; shading

POSTED TO: Warasan Witthayasat Kaset [0125-0369]

SUBJECT: biological n2 fixation; nitrogen fertilizers; elaeis guineensis; diazotrophs; oil palm seedlings

POSTED TO: Thai Journal of Agricultural Science (Thailand) [0049-3589]


Growth and biomass of 9 species beach forest seedlings namely Cerbera odollum, Terminalia catappa, Derris indica, Hibiscus tiliaceus, Thespesia populnea, Calophyllum inophyllum, Syzygium grande, Diospyros areolata and Casuarina equisetifolia grown in the nursery condition was carried out at Andaman Coastal Research Station for Development, Ranong Province. Diameter at root collar (D0) and tota ...

SUBJECT: calophyllum inophyllum; thespesia populnea; growth; terminalia catappa; biomass

SUBJECT: frio; zea mays; correlacion genetica; temperature resistance; rendement des cultures

POSTED TO: Vortraege fuer Pflanzenzuechtung (Germany) [0723-7812]

SUBJECT: resistencia a la sequia; resistance a la secheresse; essai de variete; zea mays; water deficiency

POSTED TO: Vortraege fuer Pflanzenzuechtung (Germany) [0723-7812]

SUBJECT: precocite; efficacite; efficiency; metodos; solanum tuberosum

POSTED TO: Vortraege fuer Pflanzenzuechtung (Germany) [0723-7812]

The purpose of this investigation was to be established the influence of the components of the seedling mixture on the physiological behaviors and the photosynthetic productivity of tomato plants, during the vegetative growth stage after planting, under the conditions of late field production. The variants with additives of different components of organic and organo-mineral origin to the stand ...

SUBJECT: seedlings mixture; net photosynthetic productivity; plastid pigments; leaf gas exchange; tomato seedlings

POSTED TO: Agriculture and Food [1314-8591]


SUBJECT: transplanting; lycopersicon esculentum; chemicophysical properties; growth; tomato seedlings

POSTED TO: Agricultural Science Journal (Thailand) [0125-0369]