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SUBJECT: abandoned areas; physical property; soil losses; mixed forests; soil chemicophysical properties


SUBJECT: perfil del suelo; tipos de suelos; propriete physicochimique du sol; reconocimiento de suelos; genesis del suelo

SUBJECT: abandoned areas; physical property; soil losses; mixed forests; soil chemicophysical properties


Soil deterioration in the Valle del Cesar has generated a gradual reduction of livestock in their productive response to pastures. That effect has been more intense in areas managed under a grass monoculture. As an alternative, an integration of agricultural, forest, and livestock production systems is proposed as an strategy for improving both environment preservation and production. The purp ...

SUBJECT: soil sickness; système sylvopastoral; rehabilitación de tierras,recuperación de tierras,recuperación de suelos; 土壤病害; silvopastoral systems

POSTED TO: Revista CORPOICA. Ciencia y Tecnología Agropecuaria [0122-8706]


In Pasto altiplano, there are grounds derived from volcanic ash in which agricultural activities have been intensified causing degradation and loss of nutrients that originate from the organic material of the ground. In laboratory conditions, the application of elemental sulfur, dehydrated calcium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, and ammonia sulfate was tested in quantities of 0, 30, 60 and 120 kg. ...

SUBJECT: recuperación de suelos; échantillonnage de sol; suelo volcánico; salinité du sol; 酸性硫酸盐土壤

POSTED TO: Revista de Ciencias Agricolas [2256-2273]


By analysis of publications dealing with world history of development of different soil textural classifications, and methods of transfer therebetween, own research concerning conversion of classes is also presented, it is proved that at the presence of full test results of the Kachinsky’s soil texture test it becomes possible to calculate the contents of the necessary but undeterminable textu ...

SUBJECT: physique du sol; 土壤结构; soil structure; 土壤化学; بنية التربة

POSTED TO: Агрохімія і ґрунтознавство. Міжвідомчий тематичний науковий збірник [0587-2596]


SUBJECT: land management; ecologie; ecologia; mathematical models; brandenburgo

POSTED TO: Oekologische Hefte der Landwirtschaftlich-Gaertnerischen Fakultaet, Humboldt-Universitaet, Berlin (Germany)

SUBJECT: soil air; soil structure; aire del suelo; movement in soil; aggregates

The conference aimed to exchange the experience and study results concerning changes which occur in soil environment due to intensive cultivation. The evaluation of soil degradation forms is the basis and starting point for implementing the principles of stable and balanced agriculture. Session papers concern tendencies of organic matter transformation in cultivated soils, evaluation of change ...

SUBJECT: heavy metals; utilizacion de la tierra; poland; residues; biologie du sol

POSTED TO: Zeszyty Problemowe Postepow Nauk Rolniczych (Poland) [0084-5477]