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DEUTSCH: Eine Unter- wie auch Ueberversorgung mit Spurenelementen kann zu Leistungseinbussen und Gesundheitsstoerungen der Tiere fuehren. Deshalb sollte eine Rationsbilanz mit Mineralstoffen und Spurenelementen durch eine Futteranalyse erstellt werden. Auch sollte die grosse Streuung der Gehaltswerte beruecksichtigt werden, die bedingt sind von Bodenart, Pflanzenwelt, Schnittzeitpunkt und Duen ...

SUBJECT: necesidades de nutrientes; ensilado; trace element deficiencies; oligoelement; mineral deficiencies

POSTED TO: Tierzuechter [0040-7364]

SUBJECT: elementos metalicos; mercury; oligoelement; metallic elements; soil

POSTED TO: Environmental Geochemistry and Health (United Kingdom)

<B>Problem statement:</B> This study investigates the possibility of the camel meat pollution in south of Basra province (Iraq). Trace elements concentrations (Mg, Fe, Pb and Hg) were determined from different tissues of camel (neck, shoulder, plate, leg and loin) from two location in Basra governorate, Safwan and Al-Zubair. <B>Approach:</B> The study focused on the assessment of camel meat po ...

SUBJECT: trace metals; trace elements; toxic elements; standard deviation (sd); camel meat pollution

POSTED TO: American Journal of Agricultural and Biological Science [1557-4997]


Written Paper

Belarus Agricultural Library

It's the first time when in the national literature the authors of the article have proved theoretically understanding of etiology and pathogenesis on the basis of achievements of the world science and their own research, a hot issue problem in the Republic of Belarus - polyhypomicroelementosis (demand, abundance or misbalance of microelements and trace elements) in organisms of farm animals. ...

SUBJECT: belarus; ba©larus; deficiencias nutritivas; aela©ment chimique; trace element deficiencies

POSTED TO: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Agrarian Series [1817-7204]

Journal Article

Journal article

SUBJECT: carence en oligoelement; os; tissues; trace element deficiencies; oligoelement

SUBJECT: fisiologia animal; control de enfermedades; trace element deficiencies; oligoelement; nutricion de las plantas

SUBJECT: necesidades de nutrientes; carence en oligoelement; leche de cabra; trace element deficiencies; oligoelement

POSTED TO: Informatore Zootecnico [0020-0778]

Journal Article

Journal article

Many questions concerning the significance of microelements in the life of plants have been discussed in detail in this book. The role of 7 unavoidable microelements has been presented: iron, boron, zinc, copper, manganese, molybdenum and chlorine. Problems regarding the mechanism and ecology of their uptake, translocation in the xylem and phloem have been discussed along with their content an ...

SUBJECT: cuivre; xilema; molibdeno; transport des substances nutritives; absorcion de substancias nutritivas


Written Paper


This report presents the concentrations of major ions, nutrients, and trace elements in water and bottom sediments collected in the four-tributaries during the low-flow condition of September 9-13, 1996. Stream-water chemistry results are contrasted, and trace-element concentrations compared with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency chronic aquatic life toxicity criteria. Bottom -sediment trac ...

SUBJECT: trace elements in water -- oregon -- steamboat creek watershed; water chemistry; chemical analysis; ions; water pollutants

SUBJECT: feuille; estimulantes de crecimiento vegetal; oligoelementos; plant growth substances; trace elements

POSTED TO: Studia Universitatis. Seria Stiinte ale naturii (Republic of Moldova) [1857-1735]