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This paper discusses the possible implications of climate change in Latin America. The paper focuses on a number of variables that will be affected by climate change, including, water resources, the El Nino, ecosystems, human health, agriculture and overall vulnerability.The paper makes the following main points:complex climatic patterns intermingled with land-use and land-cover change, make i ...

SUBJECT: climate change.water; climate change.climate change adaptation.climate change adaptation community based.case studies; brazil; climate change.climate change adaptation.climate change adaptation and vulnerability; climatic change


SUBJECT: amerique du sud; usa; parasitoide; florida; amerique latine

POSTED TO: International Journal of Pest Management (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: pisciculture; chili; brazil; piscicultura; amerique latine

POSTED TO: FAO, Circular de Pesca (FAO) [1020-1467]

SUBJECT: fermentacion; effluents; brazil; production; amerique latine

POSTED TO: Water Science and Technology (United Kingdom)

During 1992-96, a collaborative project involving genebanks of 14 countries in Latin America, with economic and/or technical support from USDA under project Noah, the USDA-ARS National Seed Storage Laboratory (NSSL), and CIMMYT, rescued nearly 7,000 endangered collections of maize landraces and strengthened cooperation on maize genetic resource conservation and management in the Americas. This ...

SUBJECT: usa; chili; amerique latine; plant breeding; brasil

POSTED TO: CIMMYT Maize Program Special Report (CIMMYT)

[Latin American program of IIMI]

Betranou, A. et al. [1993]

SUBJECT: riego; chili; brazil; economic situation; amerique latine