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Written Paper

Matica Srpska Library

Ultrasound diagnosis of early pregnancy in swine

Stančić, I., Faculty of Agriculture et al. [2011]

Early pregnancy diagnosis significantly affects the efficiency of the intensive swine production. Furthermore, early pregnancy diagnosis of non-pregnant animals reduces the number of non-productive feeding days per sow, considerably increases the utilisation efficiency of housing space, and enables timely interventions during medical examinations of each animal. Traditional methods of pregnanc ...

SUBJECT: porcin; pregnancy; diagnosis; diagnastico; ultrasound

POSTED TO: Contemporary Agriculture [0350-1205]




The study explored, described and explained the current models of voluntary counselling and testing services delivery and analysed the extent to which a given VCT model had influenced uptake of VCT services in the fishing communities along the shores of Lake Victoria, in Wakiso District, with an aim of designing optimal VCT service delivery strategies. The study was therefore exploratory, desc ...

SUBJECT: vct service delivery; hiv infections -- uganda -- wakiso district -- prevention -- testing; lake.; hiv and aids; health counseling -- victoria



Matica Srpska Library

Milk progesterone test and early pregnancy diagnosis in dairy cows

Gvozdic, D., Faculty of Veterinary Medicine et al. [2011]

Early pregnancy diagnosis is powerful tool in the control of dairy cows reproduction. Milk progesterone concentration at 21-24 days after artificial insemination (AI) is one of the methods aiming for accurate and reliable early pregnancy diagnosis in dairy cattle. Total number of 25 dairy cows havebeen tested for milk progesterone concentration at estrus (AI), and 21 days after estrus and AI, ...

SUBJECT: progesterona; leche; pregnancy; progesterone; vacas lecheras

[Applying thermography to wild fauna]

Melero Asensio, M. et al. [sep-dic2010]

SUBJECT: diagnosis de la gestacion; oestrus detection; temperature corporelle; animal salvaje; temperatura del cuerpo

POSTED TO: Profesión Veterinaria (España)

Research on Aplication of Anti Pregnancy-Associated Glycoprotein (Anti-PAG) as a molecular marker of early pregnancy detection in dairy heifer was conducted to support the dairy farmer in order to achieve efficiency from their heifer reproduction. The goal of research was to proove that anti-PAG could recognize antigen PAG in early pregnant dairy serum. Specificity test was done qualitatively ...

SUBJECT: glicoproteinas; diagnosis de la gestacion; marcadores geneticos; diagnostic precoce; vache laitiere

POSTED TO: Lucrari stiintifice. Seria Zootehnie - Universitatea de Stiinte Agricole si Medicina Veterinara Ion Ionescu de la Brad (Romania) [2067-2330]


Written Paper

Matica Srpska Library

Modern laboratory diagnostic methods in veterinary medicine and the possibility of its application

Petrović, T., Naučni institut za veterinarstvo Novi Sad et al. [2010]

One of the greatest challenges of modern laboratory diagnosis is the selection of methods for fast, highly sensitive and specific detection of the infective agents. This challenge is present also in molecular diagnosing of causative agents in veterinary medicine. An example of molecular detection, the application of molecular diagnostic methods and procedures in the epizootiology of some viral ...

SUBJECT: virus de la influenza aviar; diagnastico de laboratorio; viruses; oiseau; batail

POSTED TO: Arhiv veterinarske medicine (Serbia) [1820-9955]

Early gestation diagnosis using estradiol benzoate was carried out to stimulate the sexual activity of crossbred Saanen x Criolla goats during the mating period. Once the diagnosis was made oestrus females were placed in direct contact with animals with more than 100 days of lambing to stimulate oestrus onset in these latter. Results demonstrate that 38 % of goats showed oestrus between 1 and ...

SUBJECT: diagnostic precoce; gestacion; reproduccion sexual; chevre; cabra

POSTED TO: Ciencia y Tecnología Ganadera [1998-3050]

DEUTSCH: Als biotechnologische Massnahmen beim Schwein werden aufgefuehrt die Hilfsmittel zur Brunsterkennung, Hormongaben, Eigenbestandsbesamungen, Embryotransfer, Traechtigkeitsfeststellung per Echolot, Geburtsueberwachung und der Einsatz von Wachstumshormonen zur Steigerung der Milchleistung.

SUBJECT: biotechnology; hormone sexuelle; sex hormones; pituitary hormones; artificial insemination

POSTED TO: agrarpraxis [0176-0955]

[Trophoblastic proteins]. [French]

Martal J. et al. [1988]

SUBJECT: diagnosis de la gestacion; gestacion; proteine; pregnancy; proteinas

DEUTSCH: Das bildgebende Ultraschall-Verfahren (Sonographie) erlaubt Traechtigkeitsuntersuchungen sowie die Erkennung krankhafter Veraenderungen am Geschlechtsapparat von Rindern. Zur Untersuchung wird der Schallkopf in den Enddarm eingefuehrt und das Bild an einem Monitor betrachtet. Traechtigkeit kann erstmals zwischen dem 25. und 30. Tag festgestellt werden. Geschlechtsbestimmungen der Fruc ...

SUBJECT: ovaries; utero; sexe; ovarios; kyste ovarien

POSTED TO: Tierzuechter [0040-7364]