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Abstract Objectives Several investigators have reported that clinical improvements of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), from participating in therapeutic diet intervention studies, have been accompanied by loss of body weight. This has raised the question whether weight reduction per se can improve RA. In order to test this hypothesis, three previously conducted diet intervention studie ...

SUBJECT: body weight; lacto-vegetarian diet; rheumatoid arthritis; mediterranean diet; therapy

POSTED TO: Nutrition Journal [1475-2891]


Effects of Food Cost on a Diet Quality

Shim, J.E. et al. [dec2006]

This study was performed to investigate the relationship between diet quality and food cost and identify the effects of food cost on healthy diet among Korean adult. Among the subjects of 2001 National Health and Nutrition Survey 1,641 men and 1,765 women aged from 30 to 49 years were selected and their information of dietary intakes, socio-demographic information, and anthropometric data were ...

SUBJECT: healthy diet; diet cost; diet quality; diet; regime alimentaire

POSTED TO: The Korean Journal of Nutrition [0367-6463]

Optimal dietary quality, indicated by higher diet quality index scores, reflects greater adherence to National dietary recommendations and is also associated with lower morbidity and mortality from chronic disease. Whether this is reflected in lower health care cost over time has rarely been examined. The aim of this study was to examine whether higher diet quality, as measured by the Australi ...

SUBJECT: medicare; diet scores; diet quality; diet index; health costs

POSTED TO: Nutrients [2072-6643]


The efficacy of one new modified and two old meridic diets on Helicoverpa armigera Hubner (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) for rearing six successive generations was studied. Duration of larval development for insects fed on the modified diet was considerably shortened as most of them went through only five stadia before pupation, while the per cent pupation and per cent eclosion were relatively highe ...

SUBJECT: chickpea diet; new modified diet; tomato paste diet; helicoverpa armigera

POSTED TO: Entomological Research [1738-2297]

SUBJECT: mankind; diet study techniques; health; diet; diet studies

POSTED TO: European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: agricultores; mankind; foods; japan; produit alimentaire

POSTED TO: Ecology of Food and Nutrition (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: mankind; foods; prise alimentaire (homme); produit alimentaire; diet study techniques

POSTED TO: Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: ingestion de substances nutritives; proteine; urine; sobrepeso; diet study techniques

POSTED TO: European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: grupos etnicos; mankind; groupe ethnique; genre humain; diet study techniques

POSTED TO: Ethnicity and Health (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: foods; saturated fats; produit alimentaire; diet study techniques; acidos grasos

POSTED TO: European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (United Kingdom)