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SUBJECT: perro; animal welfare; animales mascota; kennels; bienestar animal

POSTED TO: Miljoe- och Haelsoskyddslinjen

SUBJECT: microsatellites; breeds (animals); genetic variability; dna; alleles

POSTED TO: Wetchasan Sattawaphaet [0125-6491]


Antimicrobial resistance in Escherichia coli from hospitalized and kennel dogs by agar disc diffusion (Bauer-Kirby) test

Nattakan Lakkitjaroen, Kasetsart University. Bangkhen Campus et al. [apr-jun2008]

SUBJECT: escherichia coli; kennel dogs; bacteria; hospitalized dogs; dogs

POSTED TO: Witthayasan Kasetsart (Sakha Witthayasat) [0075-5192]

SUBJECT: breeds (animals); pathology; perro; patogenesis; race (animal)

POSTED TO: Journal of Small Animal Practice (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: necesidades de nutrientes; perro; race; rations/ animal feeding; racion/ alimentacion de los animales

POSTED TO: Recueil de Medecine Veterinaire (France) [0034-1843]

SUBJECT: neoplasms of dogs; iga; perro; race; enfermedades inmunologicas

POSTED TO: Research in Veterinary Science (UK)

SUBJECT: chondroprotective drugs; amino sugars; glucosamine; drugs; gastric mucosa

POSTED TO: Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine (Thailand) [0125-6491]

SUBJECT: leptospirosis; molecular biology; lyme disease; leptospirosis; borreliosis

POSTED TO: Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine [0125-6491]

SUBJECT: blood pressure; degenerative mitral valve disease; small breed dogs; echography; dogs

POSTED TO: Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine [0125-6491]

Journal Article

Journal article

Turkish National AGRIS Center

SUBJECT: guard dogs; perro de caceria; perro; turquie; turkey

POSTED TO: Turkish Journal of Veterinary Medicine (Turkey)