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The preparation Furolan (FL) is studied in the conditions of the Central Caucas. Its effects on vegetative and generative development, leaf structure, resistance to drought, primary performance and yield of bird-cherry and apple trees of different maturity period are explored. The follow bird-cherry varieties are examined: Krasnodarskaya rannya, Dajbera Chernaya and the apple varieties are don ...

SUBJECT: resistencia a la sequia; prunus avium; feuille; rendement des cultures; crop yield

There were studied physiological aspects of forming cucumber hybrid F1 in autumn-winter rotation (photoculture) at different light regimes in green houses (the Republic of Komi). The plants were grown at 10-hour lighting with high pressure sodium lamps (SL). An amount of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) was 27, 42 and 54 W/sq. m in variants 1, 2, 3, respectively. In variants 4-7 plant ...

SUBJECT: profitability; chemicophysical properties; feuille; nutrientes; rendement des cultures

POSTED TO: Gavrish

The impact of spruce spider mite (SSM) (Oligonychus ununguis Jacobi, Acari: Tetranychidae) feeding on needle compounds of young dwarf white spruce (Picea glauca Conica), important in defence against pests, was determined. It was shown that the direction and intensity of changes in chemical composition of spruce needles was related to the density of spruce spider mite population. Relative to un ...

SUBJECT: metodos; insectos depredadores de las hojas; feuille; methods; composicion quimica

POSTED TO: Acta Physiologiae Plantarum (Poland) [0137-5881]

In the present investigation, 216 healthy adult rats were randomly divided into six groups viz. control (group I), higher dose of lead acetate @60mg/kg bwt (group II), lower dose of lead acetate @ 30 mg / kg bwt (group III), higher dose of lead + Ocimum @ 400 mg/ kg bwt (group IV), lower dose of lead + Ocimum @ 400 mg/ kg bwt (group V), Ocimum control (group VI). All lead treated and ameliorat ...

SUBJECT: toxicity; rat; feuille; plomo; rata

POSTED TO: Indian Journal of Veterinary Pathology (India) [0250-4758]

The paper is based on the results obtained in three factorial pot experiment, where the first factor was willow genotype Salix viminalis 1154 or S. dasyclados 1145; the second amendment of growing medium with _ commercial horticultural medium with two composts made of municipal solid wastes from the city of Suwalki or the city of Bialystok by different methods. A third factor was inoculation o ...

SUBJECT: stems; cuivre; pot experimentation; heavy metals; feuille

POSTED TO: Pamietnik Pulawski (Poland) [0552-9778]

Journal Article

Journal article


A reappraisal is made of the Anthurium Schott species with palmately divided leaves with 3 or more segments free to the base (i.e. palmatisect leaves), previously recognized as section Dactylophyllium Schott (Engler), as well as those species with 5 or more segments united at the base (i.e. palmatifid leaves), formerly placed in section Schizoplacium Schott (Engler). New molecular data indicat ...

SUBJECT: anthurium; palmately divided leaves; palmatisect leaves; molecular phylogeny; section schizoplacium


Mulching optimizes calcium rotations of apple, increasing Ca2+ availability and growth of active roots. The optimum doze of lime is determined, by this dose growth of active roots increases, it is optimized the content of minerals in leaves, raised calcium content in fruits. It is shown, that accumulation of calcium in fruits depends on a water rotation in apple leaves. Fine-dyspersated wateri ...

SUBJECT: systeme racinaire; calcio; feuille; soil structure; fruit

Supplementation of crude extract from guava leaves (Psidium guajava Linn.) 0,10, 20 and 30 ppm levels (4 birds/cage) compared with the control groups (3 and 4 birds/cage). Three hundred and eighty hens were divided into 5 groups, 4 replicate in each for 16 weeks. The livability of the control (4 birds/cage) was the lowest (98.91, P LT 0.01). The percentage of egg weight, hen-house production o ...

SUBJECT: eggs; stress; psidium guajava; concentrates; plant extracts

SUBJECT: citrus leaves; symptoms; citrus reticulata; greening; bacteria

POSTED TO: Warasan Kaset [0857-0841]

SUBJECT: bactericides; toxicity; ornamental fish; bacteria; toxicity

POSTED TO: Warasan Sattawaphaetthayasat Mokho [0858-2297]