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Novelties in the Slovenian and EU legislation on animal nutrition

Ambrozic, I., Ministry of Agriculture et al. [2006]

Principal goal of food law and pertaining feed law is to guarantee a high level of public and animal health protection, simultaneously taking into account the diversity of individual regions within the EU as well as the traditional methods of production and traditional products. Uniform food and feed safety rules provide also for the free flow of animal feed within the European Community. A ba ...

SUBJECT: foods; innocuite des produits alimentaires; produit alimentaire; reglamentaciones; legislacion alimentaria


The protection of environment and rational use of the natural resources are the issues that involve not only the ecology, but also politics. The European Union set the task for the candidate countries to elaborate policy on the protection of environment. Important part of this policy is hunting. The main thing is to create a balanced system of legal acts in this paper. That would help to conne ...

SUBJECT: ecologie; protection de l'environnement; letonia; natural resources; ecologia


Written Paper

Turkish National AGRIS Center

Water basins which are used drinking and utility water resource especially for big cities have been polluted as a result of over structuring, industry and agricultural activities. Therefore, it is important to take measures protection measures in water basins for both surface and ground water. It has to been evaluated measures which will be taken regarding pollution originating from agricultur ...

SUBJECT: polucion por la agricultura; turquie; legislacion; eau potable; nitratos

POSTED TO: Journal of Tekirdağ Agricultural Faculty (Turkey) [1302-7050]



SUBJECT: agricultural and rural legislation; environmental legislation; estructura economica; structure economique; politique agricole


Written Paper

Belarus Agricultural Library

Now in Belarus there is an objective necessity for development of the agrarian (agricultural) legislation as branches as a whole. It is obviously necessary to conduct work not only on preparation and acceptance of the new unified laws (in sphere of regulation of agricultural activity, a legal status of agricultural commodity producers, maintenance of food safety, manufacture of ecologically pu ...

SUBJECT: belarus; law; legislacion; derecho; enterprises


Written Paper

Library of Antonin Svehla

Genetically modified organisms have become a part of our environment and food chain. Roundup Ready soybean is at the moment the most frequent one that man can meet. National regulations require careful monitoring and detection of GMOs. We present in this investigation comparison of several protocols and individual steps, which are included in the whole detection procedure. Currently used CTAB ...

SUBJECT: pesticide resistance; epreuve sur la descendance; plante transgenique; analisis organoleptico; methods

POSTED TO: Czech Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding - UZPI (Czech Republic) [1212-1975]

[The European milk]. [Italian]

Mazzeo A. et al. [1992]

SUBJECT: quality controls; industria lechera; higiene de la leche; legislacion alimentaria; mercadeo

POSTED TO: Latte [0392-6060]

SUBJECT: central government; sinaloa; campesinado; administration centrale; legislacion laboral

SUBJECT: evisceracion; chicken meat; legislacion alimentaria; viande de poulet; european communities

POSTED TO: Rivista di Avicoltura [0005-2213]