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SUBJECT: suisse; technique de vente; brevetti; usa; mutanti

POSTED TO: Rivista di Frutticoltura e di Ortofloricoltura (Italy) [0016-2310]

United Kingdom and some countries have declared BSE cases, but knowledge of the worldwide disease situation imposes particular methods. French data, publications or recent informations coming from Argentina, United States and New Zeland allow to compare the differents ways

SUBJECT: suisse; usa; veterinary hygiene; italie; italia

POSTED TO: Summa (Italy)

Several WTO members have raised growing concerns on the proliferation of non-tariff measures (Ntms) since the end of the Uruguay Round. On one hand, Ntms may provide public goods and address market failures. On the other, they may be instruments of a new era of agriculture protectionism. For most Countries the growth of agrifood industries is mainly based on export. Italy is among them. The 45 ...

SUBJECT: world markets; exportation; suisse; usa; commercio internazionale

POSTED TO: PAGRI - Politica Agricola Internazionale (Italy) [1722-4365]

Monitoring forest biodiversity

Gasparini, P. et al. [nov-dec2000]

After the signing of the Convention on Biological Diversity, a number of actions for the conservation and the sustainable use of the biodiversity has been launched by policy-makers and researchers. Among these, many actions refer to processes which promote the sustainable management and the forest certification. The related criteria of assessment include the status of forest biodiversity and t ...

SUBJECT: suisse; usa; forest inventories; belgique; conservazione delle risorse

POSTED TO: Monti e Boschi (Italy) [0390-6736]

SUBJECT: suisse; usa; leche pasterizada; reino unido; quality controls

POSTED TO: Bulletin FIL-IDF (Belgium). Federation Internationale de Laiterie; International Dairy Federation. no. 200. [0250-5118]

SUBJECT: cichorium intybus; spain; suisse; usa; plant production

POSTED TO: Marche International des Fruits et Legumes Frais [0335-9840]

SUBJECT: suisse; usa; belgique; economic development; italie