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SUBJECT: arroz; demanda; world markets; exportation; usa

POSTED TO: Informatore Agrario (Italy) [0020-0689]

SUBJECT: demanda; exportation; usa; precios de mercado; commercio internazionale

POSTED TO: Informatore Agrario (Italy) [0020-0689]

Derivative spectrophotometry UV is an instrumental technique to single out the slightest differences between similar spectrums and to analyze compound samples without any previous purification. The aim of this work is to verify if it is possible to obtain significant differences between olive-oil and hazelnut-oil spectrums so as to identify possible adulterations

SUBJECT: exportation; usa; huile; espectroscopia ultravioleta; spettrofotometria ultravioletta

POSTED TO: Industrie Alimentari (Italy) [0019-901X]

Various heavy metals were determined in commercial Turkish white cheese by atomic absorption spectrophotometry (AAS). Mean concentrations (microng/g) of Pb, Cd, Ni, Co, Cr, Cu, Zn and Fe in cheeses were 0.415, 0.127, 1.057, 0.470, 0.131, 0.629, 15.576 and 3.610, respectively. The results were compared with those reported in recent years. Overall metal levels were comparable with previous data ...

SUBJECT: cuivre; usa; espectrometría de absorción atómica; fromage; bulgaria

POSTED TO: Italian Journal of Food Science (Italy) [1120-1770]

SUBJECT: demanda; world markets; usa; concorrenza economica; oferta

POSTED TO: Rivista di Frutticoltura (Italy) [0016-2310]

[The world production [melons]]

Trentini, L. et al. [16-22jan1998]

SUBJECT: cultivos de invernadero; production data; iran republique islamique; culture sous abri; culture sans sol

POSTED TO: Informatore Agrario (Italy) [0020-0689]

SUBJECT: demanda; concorrenza economica; consommation alimentaire; control de enfermedades; oferta

POSTED TO: Informatore Agrario (Italy) [0020-0689]

Berichtet wird uber die Erzeugung und Qualitat von Durumweizen in Kanada, USA, Turkei, Italien, Griechenland, Osterreich, Spanien, Frankreich und in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Die Durumweizenernte 1997 betrug in Kanada 4,35 Mio. t und in den USA 2,4 Mio. t. Die Erntemengen waren somit gegenuber 1996 etwas rucklaufig. In den USA wurde ein Proteinniveau von 16,2 % i.Tr. ermittelt. Innerhalb ...

SUBJECT: qualitat; ernte; usa; protein; osterreich

POSTED TO: Getreide Mehl und Brot (Germany) [0367-4177]

DEUTSCH: Anhand von Tabellen werden die Anbauflaechen, Ertraege und Durumweizenqualitaetsdaten in Argentinien, Kanada, den USA, Oesterreich, der Tuerkei, Frankreich, Griechenland, Italien, Grossbritannien, Spanien und der Bundesrepublik Deutschland mitgeteilt. Die Durumweizenmengen in den beiden wichtigsten Durumweizen exportierenden Laendern, Kanada und die USA, haben sich in den beiden letzt ...

SUBJECT: spain; usa; production; grande bretagne; republique federale d' allemagne

POSTED TO: Getreide Mehl und Brot [0367-4177]