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United Kingdom and some countries have declared BSE cases, but knowledge of the worldwide disease situation imposes particular methods. French data, publications or recent informations coming from Argentina, United States and New Zeland allow to compare the differents ways

SUBJECT: suisse; usa; veterinary hygiene; italie; italia

POSTED TO: Summa (Italy)

The article points to the increasing uncertainty under which wheat farmers in Italy and in Europe as a whole are working as price guarantees are gradually removed under the Common Agricultural Policy and examines the possibility that use of futures markets might contribute towards relieving this uncertainty. It explains that under the former system of price guarantees the conditions for the ex ...

SUBJECT: market stabilization; usa; precios de mercado; contrat; contratti

POSTED TO: PAGRI - Politica Agricola Internazionale (Italy) [1722-4365]

SUBJECT: usa; belgique; ganadería; natural disasters; production data

POSTED TO: Rivista di Suinicoltura (Italy) [0035-662X]

[Salt and foods. An open topic]

Parolari, G. et al. [apr-jun2005]

SUBJECT: prodotti a base di ortaggi; usa; additivi alimentari; rheological properties; fromage

POSTED TO: Industria Conserve (Italy) [0019-7483]

SUBJECT: investigacion; profitability; usa; reino unido; belgique

SUBJECT: suisse; usa; leche pasterizada; reino unido; quality controls

POSTED TO: Bulletin FIL-IDF (Belgium). Federation Internationale de Laiterie; International Dairy Federation. no. 200. [0250-5118]

SUBJECT: spain; exportation; usa; reino unido; exports

POSTED TO: NEID. Information Internationale des Vins et Spiritueux [0150-2980]

SUBJECT: world markets; usa; tendencias; reino unido; etats unis