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SUBJECT: elevage; usa; ganaderia; methods; environmental impact

POSTED TO: Genio Rurale (Italy) [0016-6863]

SUBJECT: exportation; usa; precios de mercado; commercio internazionale; formaggio pecorino

POSTED TO: Allevatore di Ovini e Caprini (Italy)

SUBJECT: usa; marque commerciale; mercadeo; distribution economique; production data

POSTED TO: Colture Protette (Italy) [0390-0444]

SUBJECT: arroz; demanda; world markets; exportation; usa

POSTED TO: Informatore Agrario (Italy) [0020-0689]

SUBJECT: demanda; exportation; usa; precios de mercado; commercio internazionale

POSTED TO: Informatore Agrario (Italy) [0020-0689]

SUBJECT: populus; frammentazione; usa; energia rinnovabile; robinia

POSTED TO: Informatore Agrario (Italy) [0020-0689]

In this review, the features of verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli (VTEC) were studied, in particular those regarding the microorganism virulence factors. The distribution of different serogroups/serotypes in human infections and animal reservoirs was also discussed. Nevertheless, the major goal of the review was the role of the animals as VTEC reservoirs: cattle in particular, but also ...

SUBJECT: foodborne diseases; morbilità; usa; buffle domestique; animali selvatici

POSTED TO: Annali della Facoltà di Medicina Veterinaria - Università di Parma (Italy) [0393-4802]

The article points to the increasing uncertainty under which wheat farmers in Italy and in Europe as a whole are working as price guarantees are gradually removed under the Common Agricultural Policy and examines the possibility that use of futures markets might contribute towards relieving this uncertainty. It explains that under the former system of price guarantees the conditions for the ex ...

SUBJECT: market stabilization; usa; precios de mercado; contrat; contratti

POSTED TO: PAGRI - Politica Agricola Internazionale (Italy) [1722-4365]

Agrochemical products - essential intermediate products in agricultural production - play a strategic role in ensuring competitiveness and efficient resource allocation in the primary sector. While international competition and the reduction of the food expenditure share on total consumption facilitate the falling trend of the prices of agricultural products and of farmers' incomes, a marked t ...

SUBJECT: usa; precios de mercado; investigacion de mercados; olea europaea; insecticide

POSTED TO: PAGRI - Politica Agricola Internazionale (Italy) [1722-4365]

The issues regarding the revision of the regulations on the main means for organic pest control are discussed. The new active ingredients, recently registered in Italy and allowed in organic production, are listed. Furthermore, the regulatory aspects resulting from the abrogation of the article 38 of Presidential Decree no. 290, as well as the related issues and undoubted advantages, are discu ...

SUBJECT: repulsif; usa; enemigos naturales; molluscicides; organic agriculture

POSTED TO: Informatore Fitopatologico (Italy) [0020-0735]