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SUBJECT: amaranthus; plant breeding; weed control; cercospora; desherbage

POSTED TO: British Sugar Beet Review (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: ecologie; ecologia; reino unido; royaume uni; plante ligneuse

SUBJECT: forest trees; ecologie; organismos para control biologico; ecologia; hybridization

SUBJECT: opuntia; south africa; weed control; plante ligneuse; prosopis

SUBJECT: flora; secale cereale; solanum tuberosum; flore; labour

POSTED TO: Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft fuer Pflanzenbauwissenschaften (Germany) [0934-5116]

Unter Beruecksichtigung moeglichst vieler Eigenschaften, vor allem des Keimverhaltens, der Wuchs- und Lebensform, des Konkurrenzverhaltens, der Standortansprueche, der Verbreitung und Vergesellschaftung von Unkraeutern ist eine Klassifikation in 14 "Unkraut-Typen" vorgenommen worden. Es wurden auch Ueberlegungen zur Herkunft angestellt und Rueckschluesse auf ihre landwirtschaftliche Bedeutung ...

SUBJECT: ecosistema/ malezas; etablissement de la plante; taxonomy; ecosystems/ weeds; relaciones planta suelo

POSTED TO: Bodenkultur (Austria) [0006-5471]

The survey of weed occurrence in paddy field was carried out to investigate the dominance of weed species and weed occurrence on 330 fields of Gyeonggi Region in 2005. Weed occurrence examined based on weed dry weight per ㎡ decreased to 2.83g in 2005 from 3.06g in 2000, 5.95g in 1995 and 19.32g in 1991. Occurrence ratio of annual weeds to perennial weeds was changed to 45.2 : 54.8% in 2005 fro ...

SUBJECT: malezas; paddy weeds; mauvaise herbe; gyeonggi area; weed speices

POSTED TO: Korean Journal of Weed Science [0253-7468]

A study was conducted to investigate weed flora of District Mansehra, Hazara, Pakistan. Studies revealed that 63 weed species belonging to 32 families are common in four major crops viz. wheat, maize, rice, tobacco and vegetables. In total 23 weeds were perennial, 37 weeds were annual and three weeds were parasitic. Two species Cuscuta reflexa and Viscum album were found as major parasitic wee ...

SUBJECT: nicotiana tabacum; triticum aestivum; oryza sativa; pakistan; host plants

POSTED TO: Pakistan Journal of Weed Science Research (Pakistan) [1815-1094]


Written Paper

Belarus Agricultural Library

Crops of corn in different agroclimatic zones are substantially littered both annual and perennial weed plants (agropyron repens, kinds of a sonchus), including steady to acting herbicides of group 2,4-D (millet chicken, star gear, a violet, kinds of polygonum. The itinerary inspections were carried out in 1996-2005 for the sake of studying the specific composition and spread of weed plants in ...

SUBJECT: mauvaise herbe vivace; belarus; agroclimatic zones; mauvaise herbe annuelle; espece

POSTED TO: Защита растений (Belarus). Plant Protection