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SUBJECT: borreliosis; inmunoglobulina; proteine; vacunacion; proteinas

POSTED TO: Vaccine (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: serpulina pilosicoli; perro; proteine; serpulina; proteinas

POSTED TO: Journal of Medical Microbiology (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: molecular genetics; proteine; plante; expresion genica; proteinas

POSTED TO: Plant Journal (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: proteine; embryon vegetal/ genetique moleculaire; proteinas; adn; plant embryos/ molecular genetics

POSTED TO: Journal of Experimental Botany (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: reponse immunitaire; inmunoglobulina; proteine; thymus gland; proteinas

POSTED TO: Immunology (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: glicoproteinas; proteine; movement proteins; methods; cowpeas

POSTED TO: Journal of General Virology (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: phytoreovirus; molecular genetics; organismos patogenos; proteine; proteine structurale

POSTED TO: Journal of General Virology (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: metabolisme; proteine de liaison; proteine; vigna radiata; shock

POSTED TO: Phytochemistry (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: lipids; proteine; vaccines; methods; espectrometria de masas

POSTED TO: Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis (United Kingdom)