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The article presents a system of information support of ecological research created by main information centers of Russia: the All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Russian State Library, Library for Natural Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Special attention is pa ...

SUBJECT: research institutions; databases; ecology; scientists; resources

POSTED TO: В мире научных открытий [2072-0831]

Gonads of Halocynthia purple aurantium Pallas, caught in May, June and October 2010 - 2011 from Sokolovskaya Bay and Average Bay оf P. Grand (sea of Japan) were investigated. In the ascidian sexual glands several times were going steady maturation of the oocyte, or resulting in their spawning, or sperm. The data obtained for histological organization and cell composition of the sexual glands i ...


POSTED TO: В мире научных открытий [2072-0831]

The article deals with the influence of different toxicant doses on the quantitative and qualitative composition of mold fungi in soil.

SUBJECT: phenols; formaldehyde; fungi; soil microorganisms; moulds

POSTED TO: В мире научных открытий [2072-0831]

therefore it is necessary to apply the functions of GIS to creation of spatial inquiries repeatedly. The information system (IS) which application allows to automate labor-intensive process of a quantitative assessment of structure of a soil cover is developed by us. Feature of this system is integration with GIS MapInfo and ArcGIS 10.

SUBJECT: geographical information systems

POSTED TO: В мире научных открытий [2072-0831]

The article covers a fractal analysis carried out on neuronal complexes of 5 nuclei in hypothalamus of the cow and cat. It has been established that they can be defined as monofractal clusters of the three nuclei with the same fractal dimension, the two clusters characterized by the bovine fewer measures of D clusters compared to the feline ones. Overall, the nuclei are defined as multifractals.

SUBJECT: cluster sampling; hypothalamus

POSTED TO: В мире научных открытий [2072-0831]

One of the heavy progressive vascular complications of type 2 diabetes is a central nervous system, manifesting cognitive dysfunction due to metabolic changes. Goal. Defining the role of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the diagnosis of cognitive dysfunction in patients with type 2 diabetes. Materials and methods. The study involved 83 patients with type 2 diabetes at the age of 40 ...

SUBJECT: abnormal function (physiology); diabetes

POSTED TO: В мире научных открытий [2072-0831]

Development of plant defense to the influence of the pathogen is determined by the rapid recognition. It depends on the presence of specific receptors in plants. Recognition of molecular patterns of microbial cell surface by plant receptors, which are localized in the plant cell membrane, triggers basic non-specific immunity

SUBJECT: effectors; allergic reactions; clavibacter michiganensis

POSTED TO: В мире научных открытий [2072-0831]

With the using modern molecular-genetic methods for the study it was shown that the allele C and genotypes GC and CC of the polymorphic variant G-405C of VEGF gene, allele A and genotypes GA and AA of the polymorphic region G-1154A of VEGF gene, allele C and genotypes ТС and СС of polymorphism T-604C of KDR gene as well as allele A and genotypes СА and GА of polymorphism G-735A of Ang2 gene pr ...

SUBJECT: laparoscopy; genes; polymorphism

POSTED TO: В мире научных открытий [2072-0831]

Hypoxia problem and its consequences are still relevant problems in perinatal medicine. The aim of the research was to investigate the neonatal rat’s myocardium structural adaptation in terms of chronic hemic hypoxia. In the experiment there were involved 15 female three-months old Wistar rats which were daily administered sodium nitrite solution at a dose of 50 mg/1 kg body weight throughout ...

SUBJECT: anoxia; myocardium; rats; sodium nitrate

POSTED TO: В мире научных открытий [2072-0831]

The treatment wastewater with a high concentration of oil at development of the oil refining industry is issue of the day. The treatment of wastewater enhanced to combination of chemical and biological purification methods. Treatment of wastewater using strains of biodegraders oil that it mixed with the activated sludge and the use of the catalysts “Katan” reduces the amount oil in waste water ...

SUBJECT: wastewater; activated sludge; environmental protection

POSTED TO: В мире научных открытий [2072-0831]