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To contribute to the Achievement of higher levels ofsustainability assuring the conservation of the available natural resources, constitutes the primacies of the present work, and its objective is to evaluate the impact that causes on forest places, the employment of the technologies of animal traction during the extraction or wooden use in San Andrés area, belonging to the Forest and Integral ...

SUBJECT: tracción animal.; sostenibilidad; aprovechamiento forestal; conservación; degradación

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The tree cover in livestock farms in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas was characterized and related to socioeconomic variables. Information about characteristics of the farm, livestock production system, the cover tree and pastures was collected through twenty four surveys. Total area farms was 2183 ha, which most of the area corresponded to paddocks. Twenty nine per cent of the farms were dual ...

SUBJECT: cercas vivas; sistemas de producción; árboles en potreros; productores ganaderos; cobertura arbórea.

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SUBJECT: necesidades de nutrientes; aliment compose; proteine; consommation alimentaire animaux; unrestricted feeding

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The study evaluated the early the behavior of the morphological parameters and their impact on the quality of Pinus tropicalis Morelet plant in the initial phase of nursery containers 123, 205 and 305 cm3 was evaluated. The substrate used was: pine bark peat + sandy soil of pine forest. The seeds came from the seed mass of Galalon province of Pinar del Río, Cuba, with a viability of 65%. We us ...

SUBJECT: pinus tropicalis.; altura; sustrato; diámetro; índice de calidad

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Burseragraveolens (palosanto) is a native species widely used for its medicinal properties. This specie grows on the banks of canyon and in low and medium mountains up to 1,300 m above sea level on the coasts of Ecuador and Peru. This research aimed to evaluate the effect of auxin-type growth regulators for the regeneration of plant tissue in B. graveolens. Samples of the species were collecte ...

SUBJECT: reproducción asexual.; brotes; biotecnología; callos; ácido indolbutírico

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Ethnobotany is the discipline that studies the relationships between man and plants. The purpose of the study was to identify the uses of wild species of interest for tourism in Manabí and Guayas. Interviews, walks and field observations were carried out in areas with little disturbed vegetation. Seventeen species were reported with at least one recognized use, some used for the manufacture of ...

SUBJECT: flora nativa; plantas en peligro de extinción; usos de las especies; usadas en artesanía.; plantas útiles

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In order to characterize ecology and silvicultural management for the rehabilitation of the low altitude rain forest on a metamorphic complex, Quibiján-Naranjal del Toa sector, a floristic inventory was carried out, 36 sample plots of 20 x 25 m in the forest in both sides of Toa's riverside. Tree species with d1,3 e» 5 cm were measured, a total of 1507 individuals represented in 52 species bel ...

SUBJECT: composición; diversidad; riqueza.; inventario florístico; bosque multietáneo

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The research was conducted in natural forests producers Management Area «The Guásimas», in the municipality of Buey Arriba Granma province, in order to assess their state of degradation. 13 plots of 500 m2 were erected under a stratified sampling in which dasometric parameters (diameter and height) were determined, it worked with the indicators: behavior diameter classes and spatial analysis t ...

SUBJECT: geomática; degradación; rodal; florístico.; clases diamétricas

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In the period 2011-2014, the spermatophyte plant samples were performed in Lomas de la Canoa, Sancti Spiritus. Floristic lists, collections, land and vegetation profiles in the stream Watcher, cliff de Agua Santa, Stone China, Casimba of Plains, cave La Chucha, mogote La Mina, La Valla, Long curb and sidewalk Gums were performed. Collections in the Herbarium HAC were consulted. In inventory 82 ...

SUBJECT: formación boscosa.; flora nativa; vegetación; inventario; conservación

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The study was conducted in equity Guamá Agricultural Enterprise, located on the southern slope of the Sierra Maestra. In order to validate from a practical and statistical point of view the tables of green biomass of PinusmaestrensisBisse, There were selected randomly, according to forestry 36 trees distributed around the diametric range, which were demolished and cubed rigorously. The stem bi ...

SUBJECT: densidad; tablas; validación; biomasa.; árboles

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