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The article describes the features of formation of efficiency annual agrophytocenosis in a north-eastern part of the Republic of Belarus. Varieties of millet, sorghum and payza of Belarusian selection are characterized by high biological plasticity, adaptability, rational use agro-climatic conditions for cultivation zone. The yield of the green mass, depending on soil fertility reaches 350-500 ...

SUBJECT: millet; sorghum; exchange energy.; peas; agrophytocenosis

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Journal Article


Surkov, A.Yu. et al. [2016]

The article presents the results of breeding work on creating a new variety of millet Stepnoye 9, which was transferred to the State variety testing in the 2015 year. The new variety is characterized by high yield and adaptivity, high quality grain, group resistance to smut and necrotic melanosis.

SUBJECT: millet; adaptivity; variety; resistance to diseases; grain yield

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The article analyzes the productivity of drought-resistant millet forage crops in the southern part of the Republic of Belarus, assessment of economic efficiency of cultivation running under different usage patterns. On the basis of chemical analysis the calculated indicators of nutritional value of green mass running depending on the phase of plant development.

SUBJECT: millet; development; stage; productivity; protein

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In the context of climate warming of particular value acquire drought-resistant varieties of millet as insurance culture [1]. Adaptive reactions of new varieties of millet contribute to sustainable productivity growth, resources - power profitability, nature protection and profitability [2]. Currently, the value of management, better use of soil-climatic, biological, technological and human re ...

SUBJECT: income; profitability; millet; productivity; variety

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The article presents the results of the competitive variety testing of millet varieties studied in 2015-2017, as well as the rank correlation analysis of the relationships between the type of panicles and the economic-valuable traits of millet in varieties of ecological, preliminary and competitive variety testing (2011-2017 years). It was revealed that in the conditions of the south-east of t ...

SUBJECT: millet; grain quality; adaptivity; variety; panicles

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Collection of coarse and polyploid forms of common millet of VNIIZBK was analyzed. The collection includes more than 70 original samples, belonging to 18 species, and 9 polyploids of five varieties. Their differences in the form of panicle, the color of grain, and the time before the inflorescences emerge were marked. The role of collections in the creation of new varieties and the replenishme ...

SUBJECT: color of grain; period «shoots- inflorescence emerge»; collections; variety; common millet

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The article presents the results of studying the influence of agrotechnical methods on the productivity of African millet in the conditions of the dry steppe zone of Northern Kazakhstan. The dynamics of the passage of the phases of growth and development of African millet and the duration of their interphase periods are analyzed, yields are given. On the basis of the study, the best period of ...

SUBJECT: african millet; sowing period; yield; green mass; dry weight.

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Results of studying of the VIR collection including more than 400 samples of a millet of various ecologic-geographical origin are given in article, valuable initial material for practical selection on morphological features and biological properties is emitted. The millet is the most valuable, most ancient national and fodder culture in the south of Russia. The millet received when processing ...

SUBJECT: initial material; millet; economically valuable signs and properties; efficiency; sources

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A study of a large amount of data in the literature on the issue of cross-pollination of millet was performed. The possibility of using cross-pollination of millet for obtaining natural hybrids for breeding purposes, without labor costs for castration and pollination of flowers, has been established. The level of natural transpollination of millet characteristic of the Oryol region is revealed ...

SUBJECT: cross-pollination; millet; collections; grain coloring; natural hybrids

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The most objective assessments of the efficiency of selection of millet (and other crops) on adaptability to different soil and climatic conditions are the results of studying the varieties of FGBU by "Gossortskomissiya" of the Russian Federation for testing and protecting of selection achievements in various millet planting regions. The results of the competitive test, even against the backgr ...

SUBJECT: varieties; selection; common millet; yield; adaptation

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