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In the article results of researches on studying of treatment of seeds of peas before sow- ing by solution of sodium humate and complex microfertilizer akvamiks containing in the chelate form elements for yield, quality and adaptability to manufacture of varieties of peas of new generation are reflected. Positive role of treatment of seeds for productivity is shown. The yield increase reached ...

SUBJECT: peas; microfertilizer; yield; protein; sodium humate

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The level of productivity of seeds sown wiki determined plant density per unit area, depending on the field germination of seeds. In the context of the Central Black Earth optimal seeding depth wiki seed grain feed grade Lugovskaya 98, is provided by the best indicators of field germination more intensive development of plants and the formation of high-yield seeds on sod-podzolic soil medium t ...

SUBJECT: yield.; germination; seed; vetch; grain feed grade

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Journal Article


Naumkina, T.S. et al. [2015]

Current state of production of lentil in the Russian Federation is examined. In 2014 this crop was cultivated in 17 regions of the country on the area 27,4 thous. ha. Basic areas under crops are in Privolzhsky (16,5 thous. ha) and Siberian (9,0 thous. ha) Federal districts. The Saratov, Samara areas and Altay territory provided 89,8 % of total yield of grain of lentil.

SUBJECT: total yield; productivity; variety; seeds; leguminous crops

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Journal Article


Авадэний, Л.П. et al. [2013]

The article includes the results of breeding activities on dry beans at the Recearch Institute of Field Crops “Selectia”. The methods of plant breeding are described, new sources of valuable properties and characters have been distinguished which served for the creation of new, more productive varieties of dry beans. Taking in consideration a high demand in dry beans with big seeds we began pl ...

SUBJECT: variety; plant; yield; plant breeding; dry beans

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

As a result of studding the initial material from the world collection the sources with high productivity have been distinguished. Donors with high content of protein have been selected which have been used for crossing in order create new and more valuable initial material

SUBJECT: soybean; yield; genotypes; plant breeding; collection

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

It was demonstrated that decrease of ratio of seed dresser TMTD to 50% and 75% with in- crustation of seeds of buckwheat variety Ballada promotes increase of seed germination rate from 3 up to 5%. At the average, during 3 years of research (1991-1993) surplus of buckwheat yield over stan- dard in trial variants (Epok + TMTD – 2,1 and 0,5 kg/ton) was from 0,21 to 0,23 ton/ha, and (Water- sorben ...

SUBJECT: treatment; buckwheat; epok; seeds; watersorbent

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Journal Article


Наумкин, В.П. et al. [2013]

The paper presents the results of years of research on the insect fauna on crops of white mustard (Sinapis alba L.). The species composition of insect pollinators, their numerical ratio and the daily dynamics of summer were investigated. Distribution of insect pollinators on different varieties of white mustard was established. It is shown that in the Orel region in the years of research 83 sp ...

SUBJECT: flowers; honey bees; varieties; teams; pollination

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

A new gene pool of pea (Pisum sativum L.) with uncracking pods were studied The varieties with high-yield advantage to the standard yields in moderately moist conditions on 9,6- 24,9, in acute shortage of water – by 24,3-39,2% were selected. Values biometric pea plants in the most favorable conditions are substantially higher than them in a dry year, but genotypic variation was expanded. The l ...

SUBJECT: correlation.; resistance to shattering pods; variety; pisum sativum; yield

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

The article describes the features of formation of efficiency annual agrophytocenosis in a north-eastern part of the Republic of Belarus. Varieties of millet, sorghum and payza of Belarusian selection are characterized by high biological plasticity, adaptability, rational use agro-climatic conditions for cultivation zone. The yield of the green mass, depending on soil fertility reaches 350-500 ...

SUBJECT: millet; sorghum; exchange energy.; peas; agrophytocenosis

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

More than 400 samples of winter triticale from VIR world collection and breeding centers of Russia were studied in 2012-2015 in the Moscow area with a view to isolate genetic donors and sources of valuable traits. Valuable by resistance to limiting environmental factors, highly productive samples for practical use in breeding were allocated.

SUBJECT: grain quality.; weight of 1000 grains; winter hardiness; yield; pathogen resistance

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