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SUBJECT: crop management; oryza sativa; integrated control; sowing date; date de semis

SUBJECT: oryza sativa; composicion botanica; botanical composition; oryza perennis; rendement des cultures


[Proceedings of the round table on plant protection, Santa Clara, Cuba, 20 Nov 1990]

Informe sobre la Mesa Redonda sobre Proteccion Vegetal, Sanata Clara [1991]

SUBJECT: resistance induite; oryza sativa; integrated control; enemigos naturales; ennemi naturel

SUBJECT: pests of plants; crop management; plagas de plantas; oryza sativa; integrated control

SUBJECT: methode; metodos; methods; propolis; phenolic compounds

SUBJECT: investigacion; models; databases; data processing; procesamiento de datos

SUBJECT: modele mathematique; mathematical models; computer software; analisis estadistico; analyse statistique

SUBJECT: swine; production animale; porcin; computer software; analisis estadistico

SUBJECT: pseudomonas; terapeutica medicamentosa; drug therapy; gale; rabbits