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This publication provides planners, decision makers and engineers with guideline to sustain irrigated agriculture and at the same time to protect water resources from the negative impacts of agriculture drainage water disposal

SUBJECT: semiarid zones; climat aride; semiarid climate; pakistan; case studies

POSTED TO: FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper [0254-5284]

SUBJECT: cowpeas; evaluacion; ressource fonciere; guisante de angola; kenya

POSTED TO: World Soil Resources Report

SUBJECT: cambio climatico; climatic change; crops; plant water relations; evapotranspiration

POSTED TO: FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper [0254-5284]

SUBJECT: soil resources; terre; tierras; cambio climatico; climatic change

POSTED TO: World Soil Resources Report

SUBJECT: soil resources; terre; tierras; cambio climatico; climatic change

POSTED TO: Soil Erosion And Productivity

Early in 1966 the Government of the Somali Republic requested United Nations Special Fund assistance in making feasibility studies of a controlled irrigation scheme and a flood irrigation scheme in the Shebelli Valley and in developing a plan for management of the Shebelli River waters. This request resulted from the recommendation of the 1961 -66 Special Fund Project - Somalia, Agricultural a ...

SUBJECT: exportation; riego; water rights; plante de culture; clima

POSTED TO: Project for water control and management of the Shabelle River of Somalia

This report was prepared to serve as a reference for managers, planners and engineers of the Ethio-Italian Cooperation, Arsi Bale Rural Development Project who seek general information on the climate hydrology and water resources of the Arsi and Bale zones

SUBJECT: hydrology; bale; hydrologie; climate; recursos hidricos

Rainfall, environment and water resource development in Somaliland and the Sahel

Print, C.,Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine [1999]

This thesis has relevance to any water and/or environment initiatives in both the Somaliland region and the Sahel. It aims to answer the desire among growing numbers of water managers and environmentalists to bring a more lateral approach to the water management debate globally. This thesis explores the general inter-relation between hydrological and man-oriented processes, in relation to curr ...

SUBJECT: seguridad alimentaria; securite alimentaire; sahel; degradation des terres; climate

The purpose of this report is to provide a brief general description of the topography, drainage, rainfall and evapotranspiration of the areas concerned. Where available, this is supplemented by additional hydrological information. The report is meant to form a basis for future more detailed studies on the subject.br It should be pointed out that lack of data for large parts of the drainage ba ...

SUBJECT: topografia; topography; climate; donnee meteorologique; bassin versant


Drought and hydrological variablility in southern Somalia

Musgrave, H.,Imperial College of Science [2002]

This thesis has been carried out with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, who are in the process of developing a GIS-based andNo.8220Land and Water Information System for SomaliaandNo.8221. It is hoped that this thesis will provide some contribution to their work.br Water resources in Somalia must be understood in the most detail, and in the most practical ma ...

SUBJECT: agua superficial; eau souterraine; hydrologie; secheresse; tiempo meteorologico