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  • geology

SUBJECT: minerals; ciencia del suelo; soudan; east africa; soil sciences

POSTED TO: 73 [0253-2050]

This study is divided into three parts: brPart I deal Briefly with the characteristics of the Shebeli river as well As with the hydraulic works already completed or recommended to dispose off excess water, which is often damaging agricultural Crops. brThis first part is actually an introduction to Part II, which in turn deals with the water supplies of the huge alluvial deposits accumulated in ...

SUBJECT: agua superficial; hydrology; eau souterraine; aguas subterraneas; groundwater

Juba Hydrometric data

Gemmell A.,P. [1982]

The main objectives of the Hydrometry Project were to try and re-rate all the National Hydrometric stations on the Jubba and Shebelli rivers to maintain a reliable and continous hydrological database to ensure reliable calculations and planning of development projects in aid of the future of agriculture in Somalia.The Project covers the area of Somalia dependant upon the Jubba and Shebelli ...

SUBJECT: shebelli; precipitacion atmosferica; hydrology; eau souterraine; hidrogeologia

POSTED TO: Hydrological data collection and upgrading of the national hydrometric network on Jubba and Shebelli rivers, also the in-service training of the field operation staff

This report presents the results of water resources assessment. water supply planning and rehabilitation surveys in Gedo Regon of Somalia carried out by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Somalia Delegation. The assessment was carried out in January to February 2002, and included hydrogeology and geophysical investigations for shallow wells, rain water catchments and borehole ...

SUBJECT: hydrology; hidrogeologia; gedo; water supply; hydrologie

SUBJECT: riego; agua superficial; eau souterraine; hidraulica agricola; hydraulic engineering

POSTED TO: Project Development: Rural Water and Sanitation interventions in the North East and Suthtern Somalia

This manual is aimed at the developing world and addressed to those engineers with only specific experience. All the technical methods proposed are described within the context that they will be used in areas where access, available skills and material resources may be limited.

SUBJECT: deversoir; geomorphology; barrage; soil; vertedero

The major objectives of the 'Water Quality Data Book of Somalia'project were the following: br � collect all data from existing documents regarding water quality and carry out hydrogeochemical surveysbr � identify areas potentially suitable for groundwater development using various technologiesbr � examine present water uses and suggest criteria for establishing a water quality standard for ...

SUBJECT: lower juba; hidrogeologia; gedo; lower shabelle; recursos hidricos

POSTED TO: Water Quality Data Book of Somalia

This section of the Water Quality Data Book (Central Somalia) consists of the basic hydro-geochemical data used in the evaluation of the water quality in Central Somalia. It Contains existing information compiled from 28 sources and new data collected in 1985-86, Totaling 1,001 sets of data (data records). A computer data Base was established to process this large volume of information, which ...

SUBJECT: geochemistry; hiraan; hydrogeochemical data; hidrogeologia; bakool

POSTED TO: Water Quality Data Book of Somalia

This technical report is a part of a series of reports to be prepared during the course of the GTZ Water Quality database project. The activities relate to the assessment of the geological and water quality conditions of the Central Somalia were carried out from March to July 1986.

SUBJECT: hiraan; hidrogeologia; bakool; recursos hidricos; central somalia

POSTED TO: Water Quality Data Book of Somalia

This report deals with geological work carried out in connection with the proposed dam at Hargeisa between october 1954 and may 1955

SUBJECT: drenaje subterraneo; barrage; represas; surveys; encuestas