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SUBJECT: research; surveying; electrical energy; teledeteccion; remote sensing

POSTED TO: Water Report

(Extract from the introduction)brThe main objective of the hydrogeological appraisal was to determine whether the potable water demand of the proposed settlements could be supplied from groundwater sources. Further objectives were to determine the best methods of groundwater abstraction and evaluate the costs of any necessary installations. The main problem with attaining these objectives has ...

SUBJECT: geomorphology; agua superficial; eau souterraine; dujuma settlement scheme; homboy

POSTED TO: Homboy Irrigated Settlement Project

(Extract from introduction text) The main subject of hydrological and hydrogeological investigations is to obtain a general idea about the geological and hydrogeological composition of the region, about the hydraulic and hydrochemical aquifer characteristics and about the ground water budget. The work was focused on a comprehensive study of a complete and delimited groundwater flow system.

SUBJECT: eau souterraine; hidrogeologia; bari; aguas subterraneas; groundwater

The general objective of the study is to provide the field team with information to facilitate and speed up their investigation for groundwater appraisal and exploration

SUBJECT: eau souterraine; teledeteccion; hidrogeologia; remote sensing; teledetection

POSTED TO: Environment and Natural Resources

Earth Water Ltd was commissioned by Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Somalia to Carry out pre-feasibility geophysical and hydro geological investigations to determine the presence of an aquifer in the surroundings of Garowe town in the Nugal region of the Puntland State of North Eastern Somalia. The investigations were executed in a multi-step approach: I) Desk study 2) Field rec ...

SUBJECT: earth sciences; eau souterraine; sciences de la terre; stockage d'eau; hydrogeology

Kismayo Hydrogeological study

Parkes, A.J. [1997march]

Background UNICEF Somalia proposes to rehabilitate the existing reticulated urban water supply system in Kismayo City, Southern Somalia. The original city water source, the Juba River 32 km north of the city, is unsuitable to Kismayo's current needs due to running costs and the security situation to the north. UNICEF Somalia therefore intends to develop an alternative water source to the west ...

SUBJECT: lower juba; construccion de pozos; necesidades de agua; courant souterrain; construction de puits

Groundwater Salinity Study October - November 1987

Nijland H. J.,Ijsselmeerpolders Development Authority et al. [1987december]

When agricultural operations in the Mogambo Irrigation Project (MIP) area started in 1985, the management team for the agricultural development of the area expressed its concern about the high salinity levels and low hydraulic conductivity of the subsoils. They suggested that this could seriously affect the growing of rice and other crops in the area. The same concerns were expressed by Sir M. ...

SUBJECT: soil chemicophysical properties; agua del suelo; eau souterraine; propriete physicochimique du sol; control de la salinidad

POSTED TO: Mogambo Irrigation Project

(Extract from the executive summary) This report describes hydrogeological and geophysical investigations for one borehole to be drilled in Jiifto area, Berbera in North West Somalia. The study has been focussed on the availability of portable groundwater in sufficient quantity for domestic and livestock consumption for the Jiifto normadic community. To accomplish this, detailed hydrogeologica ...

SUBJECT: eau souterraine; almacenamiento de agua; hidrogeologia; geophysics; stockage d'eau

Groundwater models

Thomas, R.G. [1973]

SUBJECT: planificacion; eau souterraine; mathematics; mathematical models; computers

POSTED TO: FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper [0254-5284]

Management of agricultural drainage water quality

Madramootoo C., A.;Johnstone W., R.;Willarddson L., S.,Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations [1997]

SUBJECT: water management; recursos hidricos; reutilisation des eaux; ordenacion de aguas; groundwater table

POSTED TO: Water Reports [1020-1203]