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SUBJECT: riego; utilizacion de la tierra; agricultura de regadio; classification des terres; lutte anti-inondation

POSTED TO: FAO Soil Bulletin

Land policy, Mogadishu Somalia

Planning and development collaborative International [1985]

SUBJECT: ordenacion territorial; utilizacion de la tierra; banadir; politique fonciere; surveys

This publication clarifies issues and emerging concepts relating to a new integrated and holistic approach to land use planning in line with the needs of Chapter 10 (Integrated Approach to the Planning and Management of Land Resources) of Agenda 21 of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). Definitions of land, natural resources and the various types of planning a ...

SUBJECT: land management; planificacion; ordenacion territorial; utilizacion de la tierra; utilisation des terres

Integrated land-use planning (ILUP) is a prerequisite for the sustainable management and development of land resources. This approach seeks to meet this objective by a better balancing of all relevant aspects (biophysical, technical, socio-economic, legal, institutional and social) in land-use planning. In particular, it stresses the importance of engaging the stakeholders and recognizing thei ...

SUBJECT: land management; ordenacion territorial; utilizacion de la tierra; terre; tierras

The publication presents an outline of land use policy issues, and of the constraints and perspectives of land use planning for the sustainable land resources management in Sri Lanka. It presents the proposed approach to a participatory land use planning in the light of the FAO's integrated approach to planning and management of land resources management and the profile of a comprehensive prog ...

SUBJECT: land management; ordenacion territorial; sri lanka; utilizacion de la tierra; terre

Land is the basis of human society because it provides food, water, energy, clothing and shelter. Land resources, however, are finite and becoming scarce in Africa and elsewhere. Problems of inappropriate land uses, population growth, over-exploitation of natural assets and environmental degradation are complex and long-term. They are exacerbated by their linkage with poverty, inequality and s ...

SUBJECT: tenencia; utilizacion de la tierra; terre; politique fonciere; tierras

This report is as a result of a feasibilty study on watershed management in Selected sub-watersheds to carry ou planning and control design for th development ofd Somali irrigated horticultural gardens.

SUBJECT: ordenacion territorial; utilizacion de la tierra; conservacion de aguas; analisis economico; aptitude des terres

POSTED TO: Pilot watershed management for soil and water conservation and Small Garden Development

Land-use planning is sometimes misunderstood as being a process where planners tell people what to do. In this publication, land-use planning means the systematic assessment of physical, social and economic factors in such a way as to encourage and assist land users in selecting options that increase their productivity, are sustainable and meet the needs of society.

SUBJECT: land use planning; planning; planificacion; land use; ordenacion territorial

These guidelines to Land use planning (LUP) in the development co-operation are the result of an intensive discussion process with competent partners in the Federal Ministry of Development Co-operation (BMZ), with the German Development Bank (KfW) and with colleagues in the planning and development department of GTZ. Valuable scientific and practical experience and contributions have been inco ...

SUBJECT: land management; agricultural planning; land use planning; land use; ordenacion territorial

SUBJECT: climat tempere; ordenacion territorial; utilizacion de la tierra; clima templado; utilisation des terres