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SUBJECT: riego; tenure; indonesia; malaysia; africa


SUBJECT: desertification; land use; climat aride; estudios de casos practicos; utilizacion de la tierra


Land and property rights: Draft report

Somalia National Reconcilliation Conference, Eldoret [2003]

SUBJECT: land ownership; tenencia; propiedad de la tierra; land rights; droit foncier

SUBJECT: water resources; water management; ressource en eau; gestion des eaux; recursos hidricos

The aim of the conference was to highlight specific needs and priorities for investment in land and water. Each participant presented a statement outlining national priorities for investing in land and water. The views were then put into a regional perspective during the consultation in the form of a common statement from the participating countries

SUBJECT: resource management; seguridad alimentaria; securite alimentaire; necesidades de agua; utilizacion de la tierra


Unlocking the water potential for agriculture

Kijne J.,Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations [2003]

SUBJECT: risk management; agua de riego; gestion du risque; water management; rendement des cultures


Agricultural strategy workshop proceedings

SACB,Somalia Aid Co-ordination Body [2004]

SUBJECT: desarrollo agricola; developpement agricole; agricultural economics; agricultural development; economia agricola


Report on the geo-spartial stream flow model training workshop

Muchiri P.,Somalia Water and Land Information Management [2002]

SUBJECT: capacitacion; control de inundaciones; lutte anti-inondation; training; formation

SUBJECT: lesotho; mozambique; south africa; maurice; mauricio

SUBJECT: amenagement de bassin versant; watershed management; ordenacion de cuencas; politica de desarrollo; politique de developpement

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