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The paper presents the results ecological trials of 17 of spring barley varieties bred by the Plant Production nd. a V. Ya. Yuryev of NAAS. The studies identified varieties with high overall adaptive capacity and specific adaptive capacity of productivity are perspective initial material for the breeding of spring barley.

SUBJECT: ecological trial; plasticity.; productivity; variety; spring barley

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The main requirement to the newly created cultivars, as the value of local and wide areal, – a combination of the properties of resistance to stress factors and responsiveness to the intensification factors. The acceleration of the selection process in this direction depends on the efficiency of the search corresponding to the initial material (basic genotypes) and assortment of breeding backg ...

SUBJECT: differentiating ability; environment; cultivar; productivity; durum wheat

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The results of field and laboratory research on agroecological assessment of the varietal composition of blue lupine (Lupinus angustifolius L.), and white lupine (Lupinus albus L.), carried out in 2014-2015 at the department of plant growing, breeding and vegetable growing the Belgorod State Agricultural University. The object of research - fodder lupine varieties proposed the laboratories Sta ...

SUBJECT: drought resistance; blue lupine; efficiency; productivity; variety

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In 2013, 2014 and 2018 on 6 varieties of narrow-leaved lupine the effect of meteorological conditions on the accumulation and distribution of dry matter due to adaptability was investigated. Determined: the varieties Kristall, Vityaz' and Orlovskij siderat are characterized by an optimal distribution of plastic substances in contrasting moisture conditions. With sufficient moisture supply in t ...

SUBJECT: narrow-leaved lupine; meteorological conditions; productivity; grain yield. 37; matter yield

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In 2015-2017, the influence of meteorological conditions on the content and ratio of photosynthetic pigments in leaves and economically valuable traits in connection with adaptability was studied on 7 varieties and 2 lines of soybean selection VNIIZBK. The plasticity and adaptability of the pigment apparatus of soybean varieties is revealed. In conditions of high temperatures and intense solar ...

SUBJECT: soybean; weather conditions; productivity; chlorophyll; adaptability

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The article describes the productive and adaptive potentials of winter wheat varieties in the changeable and unstable hidrotermical conditions of the Republic of Moldova. In the analysis were included registered varieties of winter wheat created both in the Republic of Moldova and abroad from trials made by the State Commission during the lost 3 years – 2010-2012. It was established a high com ...

SUBJECT: varieties; productivity; winter wheat.; adaptability

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