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The results of research on studying the effect of technology elements (variety, seed inoculation, foliar nutrition) on pea yield are represented in the article. Presowing seed inoculation by biopreparations on the basis of nodule bacteria and phosphate mobilizing microorganisms and foliar nutrition is found to contribute to an increase in crop yield

SUBJECT: productivity; lizers; variety; pisum sativum l.; nitrogen-fixing

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

In the work results of studying of 82 collection variety samples of chick pea are presented. The analysis of variety samples on morphobiologic attributes and productivity index is carried out. De- pendence of vegetative period and separate phases of development on environmental-climatic conditions is shown. Efficiency of application of microbiologic preparations in chick pea crops is studied. ...

SUBJECT: nitrogen fixing bacteria; productivity; inoculation; source; chick pea

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

Inoculation and potassium humate make active physiological and biochemical reactions in soya plants that positively affects symbiotic indicators, the content of chlorophyll, carotenoids and cat- alase, leads to growth of quality of grain and productivity.

SUBJECT: pigments; soya; productivity; potassium humate; protein

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

In field experiments on gray forest soils studied forage productivity of grain of the common vetch. Grain crops of common vetch provide a yield of crude protein at 0.53-0.91 t ha-1, including 0.47-0.80 t ha-1 digestible, 2.85-4.12 t ha-1 of fodder units and high ensuring of 1 feed unit by crude protein 187-223 g and digestible protein 164-196 g. Top indicators forage performance of grain of th ...

SUBJECT: forage productivity; liming; fertilizing; inoculation; common vetch

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

The data on studying of influence of new organic film-former (PPO) on conservation of viability of Rhizobia at inoculation of seeds of soya. It is shown that nodule activity of Rhizobia depending on duration of the period from treatment of seeds up to sowing; their influence on productivity and formation of nodules

SUBJECT: preparation ppo; nodule activity; inoculation; soya varieties; productivity.

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

The article contains results of scientific studies to determine the net photosynthetic productivity of crops spring vetch, depending on the using inoculation of seeds, entering mineral fertilizers and liming soil in the right-bank forest-steppe zone of Ukraine

SUBJECT: net photosynthetic productivity; liming; fertilizing; spring vetch; inoculation

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops