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As a result of introductions of unconventional annual feed crops of Paiza and African millet, the influence of bioclimatic conditions and agrotechnical measures (seeding rate, sowing time, and irrigation) on the formation of green and dry weight and seeds in the steppe zone of Northern Kazakhstan was studied. The sum of active temperatures for the formation of yield of green and dry mass and s ...

SUBJECT: african millet; paiza (japanese millet); irrigation; seeding; sowing dates

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The article presents experimental data on the study of the variety standards of African millet Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R.Br., their features are indicated. Based on the results of many years of research, for the first time in Russia, a methodology for testing the distinctiveness, uniformity and stability of African millet was developed. For the further selection, the most important morphologic ...

SUBJECT: variety-standard; african millet; pearl millet; variety sogur; methodology

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

On example of some the varieties admitted to use in different years, the analysis of changes of indicators of quality of grain of millet in the course of selection for last 40 years is carried out.

SUBJECT: filminess; millet; taste of; selection; quality of grain

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In the article the basic scientific achievements on breeding of millet and perspective di- rections were presented.

SUBJECT: millet; resistance to diseases.; adaptivity; productivity; variety

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Grain quality of some varieties with various duration of vegetative period, included in the State registry of Russian Federation, was analyzed. It is shown that varieties of various types of ripeness can have high consumer quality of grains

SUBJECT: size of grains; grain quality; peelness; productivity; variety

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The article presents materials on leguminous and groat crops, main trends in selection of leguminous and groat crops

SUBJECT: innovations; millet; selection; productivity; buckwheat

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In article the data by an adaptive estimation of millet varieties of ecological variety testing. By results of researches are revealed ecologically plastic and stable on productivity of millet varieties for conditions of the Voronezh area.

SUBJECT: millet; adaptivity; productivity; variety; stability

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Presents results of a study of 30 samples of pearl millet in the competitive strain testing. Determined the yield and the basic economic-valuable – 1000 grain weight, grain number in ear, grain weight from the main panicle, number of productive stems.

SUBJECT: yield.; millet; grain quality; competitive strain testing; line

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Under the conditions of unstable watering of southern part of Right-Bank Forest-Steppe, harvesting period, when 75-80% of seeds in panicles are in the phase of full ripeness, contributes to for- mation of the highest level of yielding and sowing qualities of common millet seed.

SUBJECT: millet; seed; degree of ripeness; harvesting period; yielding properties

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Coloration and size of grain of common millet make essential impact on quality indicators. The least filminess have white grain leptodermal forms, then - thin-filmed , then - red - and also cream grain (distinctions between them practically are absent). The greatest filminess have brown grain forms. There is tendency to its increase at increase of mass of 1000 grains. Brightness of millet, in ...

SUBJECT: filminess; millet; quality of grain; size of grain; brightness of kernel

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