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СЕЛИХОВA, Т.A. et al. [2013]

Electroforetic spectra of storage proteins in wild-growing accessions of pea are in- vestigated. Interspecific hybrids of pea Pisum sativum × Pisum fulvum are obtained. Convicilin in- heritance in hybrid combination of PAP (Pisum sativum) × I609885 (P. fulvum) is studied

SUBJECT: convicilin; spectrum; protein; sds-page electrophoresis; band

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

In the article the technology of creation of new semileafless cultivar of pea with semid- warf stem and not shedding seeds Pamyati Hangildina are presented. The cultivar possesses high productivity and xerophytism, early ripeness, lodging resistance

SUBJECT: ing; cultivar; selection; productivity; strain test-

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

In the work results of studying of 82 collection variety samples of chick pea are presented. The analysis of variety samples on morphobiologic attributes and productivity index is carried out. De- pendence of vegetative period and separate phases of development on environmental-climatic conditions is shown. Efficiency of application of microbiologic preparations in chick pea crops is studied. ...

SUBJECT: nitrogen fixing bacteria; productivity; inoculation; source; chick pea

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

In the article results of researches on development of technology of cultivation of chick pea are resulted. For revealing of potential productivity of variety Privo-1 in the conditions of the Oryol region various agricultural methods were studied: treatment of seeds by seed dresser, sowing methods - drill, wide-row, seeding rates, mineral nutrition.

SUBJECT: fertilizers; sowing method; chick pea; variety; seeding rate

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

During the historical period of selection scientists of Agricultural Research Institute of the North-East and Falenskaya breeding station have created more than 160 varieties of different crops. 78 of them are cultivated at present. Among them there are up-to-date varieties, adaptive to conditions of northern agriculture – winter rye Falenskaja 4, filmy oats Krechet, oats without seed coat Vja ...

SUBJECT: common peas; oats; variety; field pea; wheat

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

Pea (Pisum sativum L.) is recalcitrant species for haploid plants producing. Reprogramming of isolated microspores onto embryogenic pathway of development is a tool for solution of this problem. For this purpose stress treatments with cold (+4 grad. С) and heat (+35 grad.С) were applied to pea buds and isolated microspores, respectively. Isolated microspore cultures derived from 6 genotypes we ...

SUBJECT: reprogramming; stress; nutrient medium; in vitro; embryo

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

The article presents results of use of microbiologic preparations for increase of symbiotic efficacy of chick pea in the conditions of the Oryol region. It is shown that preseeding inoculation of seeds with rhizotorphin, application in soil of fungi of arbuscular mycorrizes (АМ) and double inoculation make positive impact on growth and development of plants.

SUBJECT: productivity; collection samples; fungi of arbuscular mycorrize; rhizotorphin; chick pea

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

The task of modern plant growing is to provide environmentally friendly products by applying methods of presowing preparation of seeds in conditions of contamination of the Orel Oblast territory with long-lived radionuclides – Cesium-137 and Strontium-90. Although with passage of time radiation hazard has changed significantly for the better, nevertheless plants grown on contaminated areas sti ...

SUBJECT: ekost 1/6; treatment; preparations ekost 1/3; liquid (peat) potassium humate; plants

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

The article describes requirements for climate and opportunities of agro-climatic conditions of Tula area for cultivation of chickpea. The influence of extreme adverse weather factors on the growth and productive qualities of chickpea for the period 2013 and 2014 is examined. At research seeds of new lines of chick pea, obtained from department of pulse crops of VIR of N.I.Vavilov were used. B ...

SUBJECT: variety; drought; weather; humidifying; chick pea

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

Since 2012 the All-Russia Research Institute of Legumes and Groat Crops has founded and issues the all-Russia research-and-production journal «Legumes and groat crops» («Zernobobovye i krupânye kulʹtury»). Periodicity of the edition – 4 issues a year. For this period 16 separate issues were published. On 1649 pages of our journal 300 scientific articles and reports of information in various di ...

SUBJECT: oats; journal; peas; lupin; beans

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops