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Features of morphological constitution, physiological and biochemical properties of plants, specificity of the genetic nature of attribute of plant canopy heterofilia are resulted. Features are revealed and the scheme of selection process of the heterophyllous form of peas is developed

SUBJECT: selection; heterophyllous form of peas; selection scheme; intramorphous and intermorphous crosses; morphotype chameleon

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

The dissected leaf form of peas is characterized by high indicators of production process, active interaction with nitrogen-fixing bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi, productivity and the increased content of protein in seeds. Thanks to it it is perspective for selection and commercial production. The problem of resistance to lodging is solved by selection and agrotechnical methods. Gene ...

SUBJECT: genetics; peas; dissected leaf morphotype; physiology; admixed sowings

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

Suprade odd-pinnate form of peas is characterized by high photosynthetic rate and in productivity of biomass surpasses modern varieties. Seeds have the increased content of protein balanced on amino acid structure. Due to this it is of interest for use in selection work and introduc- tions in production. Priorities consist in selection on lodging resistance, xeromorhism, increase of attracting ...

SUBJECT: dissected pinnuled; suprade odd-pinnate; peas; selection; photosynthesis

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

Collection of vegetable peas was studied. Diallel, stepped and complex crossing were done. Promising genotypes to create new resistant to lodging and suitable for mechanized harvesting forms were selected. A scheme of the conveyor using new promising forms of pea for continuous receipt of raw materials to processing plants was created

SUBJECT: conveyor; complex crossing; variability and conjugation of quantitative traits; a group of maturity; starch grains

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

Results of researches of lines of peas developed in laboratory of selection and seed-growing of leguminous crops are presented. Evaluation of lines of peas by morfo-biological and economic valuable attributes is presented

SUBJECT: peas; productivity; variety; line; protein

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

In the article results of researches on studying of treatment of seeds of peas before sow- ing by solution of sodium humate and complex microfertilizer akvamiks containing in the chelate form elements for yield, quality and adaptability to manufacture of varieties of peas of new generation are reflected. Positive role of treatment of seeds for productivity is shown. The yield increase reached ...

SUBJECT: peas; microfertilizer; yield; protein; sodium humate

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

During the historical period of selection scientists of Agricultural Research Institute of the North-East and Falenskaya breeding station have created more than 160 varieties of different crops. 78 of them are cultivated at present. Among them there are up-to-date varieties, adaptive to conditions of northern agriculture – winter rye Falenskaja 4, filmy oats Krechet, oats without seed coat Vja ...

SUBJECT: common peas; oats; variety; field pea; wheat

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

The article presents results of studies evaluating performance of photosynthetic activity, yield structure and nutritional value of peas at various methods of treatment of seeds and crops with biostimulants Noktin and Fertigreyn. Treatment of crops with Fertigreyn Foliar preparations does not reduce the photosynthetic potential, but increases net photosynthesis productivity and provides better ...

SUBJECT: photosynthetic potential; peas; productivity; bio-stimulants; leaf area

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

In the article a new direction in peas selection, bound to increase of bioenergy poten- tial of plant, was substantiated and designated as aromorphous. In comparison to the evolution theory the basic selection factors, material and methods, capable to provide release of varieties with produc- tivity of 7,5-9,0 t/hectares and the protein content in them of 25 % have been defined.

SUBJECT: peas; selection; productivity; bioenergy potential; morphotype

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

The article describes the features of formation of efficiency annual agrophytocenosis in a north-eastern part of the Republic of Belarus. Varieties of millet, sorghum and payza of Belarusian selection are characterized by high biological plasticity, adaptability, rational use agro-climatic conditions for cultivation zone. The yield of the green mass, depending on soil fertility reaches 350-500 ...

SUBJECT: millet; sorghum; exchange energy.; peas; agrophytocenosis

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops