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Results of researches of lines of peas developed in laboratory of selection and seed-growing of leguminous crops are presented. Evaluation of lines of peas by morfo-biological and economic valuable attributes is presented

SUBJECT: peas; productivity; variety; line; protein

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

The article presents results of studies evaluating performance of photosynthetic activity, yield structure and nutritional value of peas at various methods of treatment of seeds and crops with biostimulants Noktin and Fertigreyn. Treatment of crops with Fertigreyn Foliar preparations does not reduce the photosynthetic potential, but increases net photosynthesis productivity and provides better ...

SUBJECT: photosynthetic potential; peas; productivity; bio-stimulants; leaf area

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

In the article a new direction in peas selection, bound to increase of bioenergy poten- tial of plant, was substantiated and designated as aromorphous. In comparison to the evolution theory the basic selection factors, material and methods, capable to provide release of varieties with produc- tivity of 7,5-9,0 t/hectares and the protein content in them of 25 % have been defined.

SUBJECT: peas; selection; productivity; bioenergy potential; morphotype

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

The article describes the features of formation of efficiency annual agrophytocenosis in a north-eastern part of the Republic of Belarus. Varieties of millet, sorghum and payza of Belarusian selection are characterized by high biological plasticity, adaptability, rational use agro-climatic conditions for cultivation zone. The yield of the green mass, depending on soil fertility reaches 350-500 ...

SUBJECT: millet; sorghum; exchange energy.; peas; agrophytocenosis

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

Results of studying of common peas collection (Pisum sativum L.) by variability of elements of productivity depending on weather conditions are presented. Samples of peas with sta- ble attributes on years are revealed. For selection use samples with weak reaction to change of eco- logical conditions are offered. For food and fodder use samples with extreme values of mass of 1000 seeds are reco ...

SUBJECT: common peas; variation factor; productivity elements; variability; stability

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

Results of researches on influence of systems of processing of ground, herbicides, mineral fertilizers and regulators of growth on physical properties of ground, formation of productivity of peas. It is revealed, that basic elements of technology of cultivation of peas (processing of ground, mineral fertilizers, herbicide and a regulator of growth) did not render essential influence on hardnes ...

SUBJECT: mineral fertilizers; peas; productivity; herbicide; a regulator of growth

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

Results of analytical work following the results of agricultural 2014 year in the country. Dynamics of total yields of grain and leguminous crops in the Russian Federation during the last years is shown. Insignificant increase of pulse crops in comparison to grain crops affects support of production of protein rich production of plant growing, constrains the decision of food provide of the pop ...

SUBJECT: profitability; regions; legumes; spring wheat; winter wheat

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

The use of low-frequency electromagnetic fields in presowing seed treatment is an effective method of increasing germination and increasing the productivity of plants. In the laboratory of seed farming and primary seed farming laboratory-field experiments were conducted on presowing treatment of pea, barley and spring wheat seeds with an electromagnetic field of low frequency (EMF). For the st ...

SUBJECT: germination; peas; productivity; electromagnetic field; seeds

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

In the conditions of Middle Ural Mountains on fields of the Krasnoufimsky selection center in the season from 2011 to 2013 results of researches of selection evaluation of varieties of peas of competitive strain testing on productivity, resistance to the basic diseases and pests are obtained. In group of long stem leafy plants with the standard Marathon varieties 08-459 and 07-737 were excrete ...

SUBJECT: strain testing; peas; productivity; variety; resistance

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

In the article the technology of release of new variety of short stem semileafless peas with not shedding seeds Krasnoufimsky 11, its morphological and economic-biological characteristics are presented

SUBJECT: common peas; strain testing; productivity; selection; variety

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops