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The results of studies carried out in 2010-2012 on the formation of protein fractions (albumins, globulins, hordeins, glutelins) of grains of leading varieties of spring barley Raushan, Rahat and Timerhan cultivated in Tatarstan are presented. Based on the results of the studied varieties of barley it was found that the fractional composition of protein in grain is defined both the varietal, a ...

SUBJECT: protein fractions; variety; protein; spring barley; grain

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

Journal Article


СЕЛИХОВA, Т.A. et al. [2013]

Electroforetic spectra of storage proteins in wild-growing accessions of pea are in- vestigated. Interspecific hybrids of pea Pisum sativum × Pisum fulvum are obtained. Convicilin in- heritance in hybrid combination of PAP (Pisum sativum) × I609885 (P. fulvum) is studied

SUBJECT: convicilin; spectrum; protein; sds-page electrophoresis; band

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

Results of biochemical evaluation of samples of leguminous crops from VIR collection during the last years. Sources of attributes of quality, namely the basic components defining the impor- tance and use of crop are resulted

SUBJECT: starting material for selection; oil; antinutrients; protein; leguminous crops

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

Suprade odd-pinnate form of peas is characterized by high photosynthetic rate and in productivity of biomass surpasses modern varieties. Seeds have the increased content of protein balanced on amino acid structure. Due to this it is of interest for use in selection work and introduc- tions in production. Priorities consist in selection on lodging resistance, xeromorhism, increase of attracting ...

SUBJECT: dissected pinnuled; suprade odd-pinnate; peas; selection; photosynthesis

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

As a result of the work found that weather conditions in 2012 and 2013 the largest ga- thering of protein and oil in maturing soybean varieties Lantsetnaya was obtained by sowing its May 20 – 6.72 centner from hectare and 5.00 centner from hectare, at an early variety Sawyer 5 largest gather- ing of protein was obtained at sowing April 30 – 7.38 centner from hectare and oil at sowing June 10 – ...

SUBJECT: grain quality; selection; yield; collecting protein; collecting the oil type

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

Results of researches of lines of peas developed in laboratory of selection and seed-growing of leguminous crops are presented. Evaluation of lines of peas by morfo-biological and economic valuable attributes is presented

SUBJECT: peas; productivity; variety; line; protein

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

Evaluation of quality of fodder mass of varieties and selection numbers of red clover is done, content of crude protein in dry mass of the studied samples is defined. Regularities of distribution of solid and crude protein in yield structure are revealed. Varieties and selection numbers having high prod- uctivity and the greatest output of crude protein from hectare: Lisitsyn's Memories, Orlik ...

SUBJECT: varieties; leaves; racemes; solid matter; stalks

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

In the article results of researches on studying of treatment of seeds of peas before sow- ing by solution of sodium humate and complex microfertilizer akvamiks containing in the chelate form elements for yield, quality and adaptability to manufacture of varieties of peas of new generation are reflected. Positive role of treatment of seeds for productivity is shown. The yield increase reached ...

SUBJECT: peas; microfertilizer; yield; protein; sodium humate

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

Inoculation and potassium humate make active physiological and biochemical reactions in soya plants that positively affects symbiotic indicators, the content of chlorophyll, carotenoids and cat- alase, leads to growth of quality of grain and productivity.

SUBJECT: pigments; soya; productivity; potassium humate; protein

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

In the article results of long-term studying of VIR collection are stated. Samples which are valuable material for the further selection are determined.

SUBJECT: early growth; the vegetative period; productivity; variety; gene pool

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops