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As a result of the work found that weather conditions in 2012 and 2013 the largest ga- thering of protein and oil in maturing soybean varieties Lantsetnaya was obtained by sowing its May 20 – 6.72 centner from hectare and 5.00 centner from hectare, at an early variety Sawyer 5 largest gather- ing of protein was obtained at sowing April 30 – 7.38 centner from hectare and oil at sowing June 10 – ...

SUBJECT: grain quality; selection; yield; collecting protein; collecting the oil type

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The use of nitrification inhibitor has a positive impact on the security of nitrogen nutrition of plants and rice yield without lowering grain quality

SUBJECT: grain quality; fertilizers; nitrification inhibitor; yield; rice

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Presents results of a study of 30 samples of pearl millet in the competitive strain testing. Determined the yield and the basic economic-valuable – 1000 grain weight, grain number in ear, grain weight from the main panicle, number of productive stems.

SUBJECT: yield.; millet; grain quality; competitive strain testing; line

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The level of productivity of seeds sown wiki determined plant density per unit area, depending on the field germination of seeds. In the context of the Central Black Earth optimal seeding depth wiki seed grain feed grade Lugovskaya 98, is provided by the best indicators of field germination more intensive development of plants and the formation of high-yield seeds on sod-podzolic soil medium t ...

SUBJECT: yield.; germination; seed; vetch; grain feed grade

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As a result of studding the initial material from the world collection the sources with high productivity have been distinguished. Donors with high content of protein have been selected which have been used for crossing in order create new and more valuable initial material

SUBJECT: soybean; yield; genotypes; plant breeding; collection

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

More than 400 samples of winter triticale from VIR world collection and breeding centers of Russia were studied in 2012-2015 in the Moscow area with a view to isolate genetic donors and sources of valuable traits. Valuable by resistance to limiting environmental factors, highly productive samples for practical use in breeding were allocated.

SUBJECT: grain quality.; weight of 1000 grains; winter hardiness; yield; pathogen resistance

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Journal Article


Surkov, A.Yu. et al. [2016]

The article presents the results of breeding work on creating a new variety of millet Stepnoye 9, which was transferred to the State variety testing in the 2015 year. The new variety is characterized by high yield and adaptivity, high quality grain, group resistance to smut and necrotic melanosis.

SUBJECT: millet; adaptivity; variety; resistance to diseases; grain yield

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Over the last decade in breeding winter triticale impressive results were achieved, the potential productivity of modern varieties, obtained by Russian scientists, exceeded 12 t/ha, and implemented the grain harvest in the fields, for example, Nemchinovka using Hermes varieties and Nina surpassed 11 t/ha. The VIR world collection of more than 4500 samples identified genotypes with high product ...

SUBJECT: variety; yield; shortness of stem; stability; winter triticale

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The article presents the results of years of their research (1983 to 2015) and the analysis of published experimental data of domestic and foreign scientists on the problem of increasing the activity and efficiency of photosynthesis of cultivated plants by means of breeding. It is concluded that the physiological basis of crop breeding is the system of regulatory mechanisms that are compensato ...

SUBJECT: efficiency; varieties; photosynthesis; breeding; photoenergy potential

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

The article describes the varieties of broad beans Krasny Bogatyr transferred to the state variety trials. The new variety is superior to the standard for productivity: seeds, green mass; and a number of other agronomic characters

SUBJECT: standard; processability; quality of seeds; variety; yield

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