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Red clover polyembryony was studied based on the analysis of heads of 52 varieties of domestic and foreign origin in the collection nursery. 16 varieties with two-seed trait of the pod were allocated. Work was done to create a breeding material with increased seed productivity on the basis of individual-and-family selection of plants with the presence of a polyembryonic trait. The numbers exce ...

SUBJECT: red clover; correlation; selection; seed productivity; selection numbers

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In the article the technology of creation of new semileafless cultivar of pea with semid- warf stem and not shedding seeds Pamyati Hangildina are presented. The cultivar possesses high productivity and xerophytism, early ripeness, lodging resistance

SUBJECT: ing; cultivar; selection; productivity; strain test-

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The article presents materials on leguminous and groat crops, main trends in selection of leguminous and groat crops

SUBJECT: innovations; millet; selection; productivity; buckwheat

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In the article the data on dynamics of production of both summer and winter barley in the world and in the Russian Federation is cited. Advantages of winter barley before summer barley are shown. Results of work on winter barley selection in the northern part of the Central Russia are presented. Characteristics of a new variety Artel, transferred to the State strain testing in 2013, is given.

SUBJECT: selection; productivity; variety; line; summer barley

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Results of selection activity of last years on release of new varieties of vegetable bean and grain (shell) bean, suitable for industrial processing and use for cookeries, for expansion of sortment of the given crop on Kuban, are presented.

SUBJECT: productivity; variety; use; selection; fruit bearing

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In the article results of long-term studying of VIR collection are stated. Samples which are valuable material for the further selection are determined.

SUBJECT: early growth; the vegetative period; productivity; variety; gene pool

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In the article a new direction in peas selection, bound to increase of bioenergy poten- tial of plant, was substantiated and designated as aromorphous. In comparison to the evolution theory the basic selection factors, material and methods, capable to provide release of varieties with produc- tivity of 7,5-9,0 t/hectares and the protein content in them of 25 % have been defined.

SUBJECT: peas; selection; productivity; bioenergy potential; morphotype

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In the article results of work on release of bare grain lines and varieties in the northern part of Central Black Earth region are presented. Features of bare grain forms are shown. Perspective lines of summer barley with bare grain which have been selected from hybrid populations, created on the basis of bare grain variety Hora (Netherlands) are of interest for selection, and also large grain ...

SUBJECT: oats; selection; productivity; variety; naked grain

POSTED TO: Legumes and Groat Crops

Oats is a crop traditional for Russia. Even in 1870 in the literature was mentioned Shatilovskaya oats, which had a great demand due to its high productivity. In 1882 year it was panted in 82 provinces. In the beginning of a XIX-th century oats occupied in Russia more than 18 million hectare, grain total yield was more than 16 million t. In 2015 year was obtained 4,54 million t., at average pr ...

SUBJECT: filmy oats; productivity; screening; hybrid population; selection

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The different varieties of winter wheat of the institute selection are represented in level and variability of productivity and quality of grain in the years with the different conditions of vegetation.

SUBJECT: gluten; selection; productivity; variety; the quality of bread

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