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Sown areas of leguminous crops in the country require not only expansion, but also their rational placement according to biological characteristics, to complex of natural and climatic factors and to possibilities of use for food, fodder and industrial purposes. So in the Central Federal District the leading positions are occupied by peas, in the Privolzhsky Federal District, the chickpea and l ...

SUBJECT: soybean; technologies; yield; acreage; leguminous crops

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As a result of studding the initial material from the world collection the sources with high productivity have been distinguished. Donors with high content of protein have been selected which have been used for crossing in order create new and more valuable initial material

SUBJECT: soybean; yield; genotypes; plant breeding; collection

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The article gives analysis of practical value of soybean varieties according to productivity and ecological plasticity in different climatic provinces of Ukraine. Ecological estimation of soybean varieties by the methodology of Eberhart and Rassel has been made. This estimation helped to determine variety plasticity and potential to adaptability. It has been established that varieties Almaz an ...

SUBJECT: soybean; ecological stability; variety; yield; plasticity

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Data on the effect of Reglon Super and Tornado desiccants on the yield and quality of soybean grain are presented. The description of preparations is given. It is noted that the use of desiccants in the first term (the moisture content of the seeds is 60-65%) reduces the yield of soybean grains in the range of 6-10%, but at the same time the vegetation period is reduced by about 10-14 days, wh ...

SUBJECT: desiccation; soybean; oil; protein; yield

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The article presents the results of research influence of chelate fertilizers on yield of soybean varieties with usual row spacing (15 cm) and wide row spacing (45).The extraroot fertilizing in phases of flowering and of formation of the bean of the plants, are the possibility of increasing the crop capacity of soybean varieties.

SUBJECT: soybean; varieties; chelate fertilizers; yield; foliar feed

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This paper demonstrates the results of two-year research on the influence of two different herbicide systems: Dual Gold + Bazagran + Fusilad Forte (Complex 1) and Frontier Optima + Bazagran + Aramo 45 (Complex 2) to the symbiotic activity of early ripening soybean varieties Swap and Tanais in conditions of Orel region. In the experiments, background inoculation of the seeds of the studied vari ...

SUBJECT: soybean; symbiotic activity; varieties; yield; herbicides

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According to the results of research in 2016 and 2017 it was established that soybean varieties of Mezenka and Osmon are technologically suitable for direct combining. The most promising for cultivation in the northern part of the Central Chernozem region is the soybean Osmon variety, which has a shorter vegetative period – 12-13 days less than in Mezenka and provides a yield of seeds close to ...

SUBJECT: sowing rate; soybean varieties – mezenka; osmon; yield; increment

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